How to Optimize and Prioritize Online Efforts with a Small Team

Why is it never as simple as it looks… You’re browsing the web, looking for insights on your next campaign… There’s an amazing guide for search engine optimization. There’s also an awesome eBook on content marketing. And there’s a video series with an actionable social media strategy. On one blog, the author encourages business owners … Continue reading "How to Optimize and Prioritize Online Efforts with a Small Team"

Engaging Your Audience with Authentic Marketing

In today’s world of digital marketing, authenticity is a major buzzword. But what does that mean exactly? Is “authentic” just another buzzword that’s hot today and not tomorrow? With all the directions marketing can go, you want to stay focused and on point in generating leads, which means your brand should not be pretending to be … Continue reading "Engaging Your Audience with Authentic Marketing"

How to Do Influencer Marketing the Right Way

One of the newest hot trends in digital marketing is influencer marketing. There’s evidence of large ROIs in specific industries when influencer marketing is done the right way. It’s not just a tool for larger corporations. As more social influencers crop up and start growing their audiences, you can work with them at that early … Continue reading "How to Do Influencer Marketing the Right Way"

Oh, You’re An SEO Expert? How Did You Come Up With That Title!

With five and a half years of experience in the search marketing industry, one of the things that takes me by surprise is how often the term “expert” is thrown around. Unlike a medical doctor who goes through years of studying and training to only eventually reach a level where they can admit that they … Continue reading "Oh, You’re An SEO Expert? How Did You Come Up With That Title!"

A 2013 Approach to Inbound Marketing

Online marketing is becoming increasingly exciting. As Google rolls out updates promoting quality over spam, we as marketers can really start to earn our job titles. Whether that’s through digital PR, content marketing or modern link building, the opportunities for us have never been more diverse. Now the search engines are saying “We don’t want … Continue reading "A 2013 Approach to Inbound Marketing"