5 Strategies to Get Your Website Featured in the Google Answer Box

The advent of that little Answer Box on top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page has created a coveted spot that any website would ruthlessly fight to have. It’s even better than making the first search result – it’s bringing people directly to snippets of your content with a teaser that will drive them directly … Continue reading "5 Strategies to Get Your Website Featured in the Google Answer Box"

Optimizing a Website 2017: The Key On-Page Must-Haves

Properly optimizing a website is a crucial SEO success factor for 2017. In the days of Penguin 4.0, SEOs who are overzealous with link building to a poorly optimized page aren’t going to see much return on investment. For better SEO results, it’s time to put the hours in to make existing (and new) backlinks … Continue reading "Optimizing a Website 2017: The Key On-Page Must-Haves"

You Wrote It; How Do You Get Them to Read It?

Do you have the wordsmith abilities of a reincarnated Shakespeare? Good for you, but it’s not enough. Getting people to the bottom of the page is as much about your skill with presentation as it is about your gift for writing. To put it simply, your content needs to be easy to read as well … Continue reading "You Wrote It; How Do You Get Them to Read It?"

What Google Hummingbird Is And Is Not

When Google announced at it’s 15th birthday party that a new search algorithm called Hummingbird had launched about a month prior, many people within the search industry scratched their heads trying to figure out exactly what Google was talking about. Clearly this was significantly different than past updates considering the ”update” went largely unnoticed by … Continue reading "What Google Hummingbird Is And Is Not"

Local Search Optimization Made Simple

Are you looking for a plain action plan to optimize your local business for search? In this article I’ll be focusing on the particularities of local search optimization and try to create for you a comprehensive image of what is and how local search needs to be managed for achieving the best results. Let’s begin! … Continue reading "Local Search Optimization Made Simple"

How to Make JavaScript Indexable by Google

We all know how important is to make your content indexable by search engines. However, we also know that design of a website is as important as its content and fancy design usually requires lots of JavaScript. As search engines have difficulties with indexation of JavaScript, it’s possible that search engines won’t be able to … Continue reading "How to Make JavaScript Indexable by Google"

Competitive Analysis in a Blink of an Eye

Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development.  What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you discover a new rising competitor? Is it : How good is he?  Or: Is he successful?  Does he drive massive traffic to his website? What about … Continue reading "Competitive Analysis in a Blink of an Eye"

Can Words Unblock Your Funnels?

Conversion rate optimization is about making your visitors interact more with your website and perfecting the process of converting them into customers or subscribers. It’s about emulating your website on your visitors behavior. It’s about anticipating what they think, what they need and what they desire, and give them just that. The first and the most … Continue reading "Can Words Unblock Your Funnels?"

7 Quick & Easy On-Page Optimization Tips

Have you ever landed on a website and just couldn’t figure out what to read first? Not because you can’t decide which from all the interesting things you should read first, but because you can’t focus on anything? I’m talking about those seas of letters and colors splashed over your computer screen. Have you read any … Continue reading "7 Quick & Easy On-Page Optimization Tips"