How to 3X eCommerce Sales with Pinterest Buyable Pins

Pinterest is now more than just a social networking site where people look for new ideas and inspiration. It is currently one of the top online shopping platforms that drives a huge amount of sales for businesses. A study conducted by Shopify found that the referral traffic to Shopify stores from Pinterest and Twitter are … Continue reading "How to 3X eCommerce Sales with Pinterest Buyable Pins"

How to Automate Your Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaign

Getting the attention of powerful industry influencers can be a challenge. People ask big names in any niche to help promote their products every day. But what if instead of targeting celebrities with a huge social following, you work with hundreds or thousands of micro-influencers to get even better results? In general, micro-influencers are bloggers … Continue reading "How to Automate Your Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaign"

Engaging Your Audience with Authentic Marketing

In today’s world of digital marketing, authenticity is a major buzzword. But what does that mean exactly? Is “authentic” just another buzzword that’s hot today and not tomorrow? With all the directions marketing can go, you want to stay focused and on point in generating leads, which means your brand should not be pretending to be … Continue reading "Engaging Your Audience with Authentic Marketing"

How to Do Influencer Marketing the Right Way

One of the newest hot trends in digital marketing is influencer marketing. There’s evidence of large ROIs in specific industries when influencer marketing is done the right way. It’s not just a tool for larger corporations. As more social influencers crop up and start growing their audiences, you can work with them at that early … Continue reading "How to Do Influencer Marketing the Right Way"