How to Optimize for “Searcher Task Accomplishment”

As search engine algorithms and SEOers get increasingly sophisticated, the human experience becomes more and more the centerpiece of the search experience on the web. And that’s a good thing. New tech isn’t groundbreaking tech unless it adapts to real needs in the user experience. It’s not about tricking robots anymore – it’s not about … Continue reading "How to Optimize for “Searcher Task Accomplishment”"

Google Featured Snippets – What Makes Them Appear

Chances as you’ve already asked yourself this – how can I mark my page in featured snippets? The short answer is – you can’t. Google programmatically determines if a page contains a good answer to the user’s question (query), and displays the result as a featured snippet. This is precisely what we found in our … Continue reading "Google Featured Snippets – What Makes Them Appear"