New Features in AWR Cloud: UI changes and improvements

Hey guys! After adding some new major improvements to Cloud a few months back, our team continued to focus on various UI changes aimed at improving user experience. Some of the tweaks released today will definitely improve your AWR Cloud workflow and help you make the most out of the existing features that you’ve grown to … Continue reading "New Features in AWR Cloud: UI changes and improvements"

New Features in AWR Cloud

Hey guys, following our latest major updates, it’s time to handle some smaller improvements that will make working with AWR Cloud a lot easier. So here’s what’s new: The Keywords from GWT section gets updated In order to give you access to data for longer periods of time, AWR Cloud’s improved Keywords from GWT feature allows … Continue reading "New Features in AWR Cloud"

Local Search Optimization Made Simple

Are you looking for a plain action plan to optimize your local business for search? In this article I’ll be focusing on the particularities of local search optimization and try to create for you a comprehensive image of what is and how local search needs to be managed for achieving the best results. Let’s begin! … Continue reading "Local Search Optimization Made Simple"

Geo Location and Search Engine Rank Tracking

Google’s goal is to return the most relevant and useful sites in response to a user query. Consequently, the results they show to a user in Vancouver, BC; Canada will most likely vary from the results returned to a user in Toronto, ON; Canada as the user’s location is a major factor for determining search … Continue reading "Geo Location and Search Engine Rank Tracking"

Rankings by geo location

Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. What’s the best way to get accurate search engine rankings worldwide, regardless of your location? Let’s suppose that you are running a business which offers search engine optimization services and have customers all over the world. … Continue reading "Rankings by geo location"