How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Instagram has become a popular social network among brands because of its ability to drive heaps of engagement. But everybody won’t get the same levels of engagement. The amount you drive will depend on the content you share, how you share it and other important steps. Therefore, to help you get the highest engagement on Instagram, … Continue reading "How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement"

How CRM and Social Media Evolved into Social CRM

Till few years back, customers didn’t have a choice to voice out their satisfaction or dissatisfaction over products they bought. They only had an option of reaching the traditional customer support ways of call or email. But one problem with this mode of resolving issues is that they are one-on-one conversations. It’s very less likely … Continue reading "How CRM and Social Media Evolved into Social CRM"

How to Automate Your Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaign

Getting the attention of powerful industry influencers can be a challenge. People ask big names in any niche to help promote their products every day. But what if instead of targeting celebrities with a huge social following, you work with hundreds or thousands of micro-influencers to get even better results? In general, micro-influencers are bloggers … Continue reading "How to Automate Your Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaign"