How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Instagram has become a popular social network among brands because of its ability to drive heaps of engagement. But everybody won’t get the same levels of engagement. The amount you drive will depend on the content you share, how you share it and other important steps. Therefore, to help you get the highest engagement on Instagram, … Continue reading "How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement"

8 Instagram Tools to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Recording 700 million monthly active users, can you imagine the chances of reaching and targeting the right audience on Instagram? Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, H&M are among the top leading eCommerce brands rated by the number of Instagram followers as of May 2017. With one million active monthly advertisers, have you adopted Instagram for your … Continue reading "8 Instagram Tools to Boost Your eCommerce Sales"

Google Featured Snippets – What Makes Them Appear

Chances as you’ve already asked yourself this – how can I mark my page in featured snippets? The short answer is – you can’t. Google programmatically determines if a page contains a good answer to the user’s question (query), and displays the result as a featured snippet. This is precisely what we found in our … Continue reading "Google Featured Snippets – What Makes Them Appear"