Solve The Social Media Logo Quiz & Rate Your Visual Memory!

Using Qzzr I’ve prepared for you a fun Logo Quiz!

The following quiz will test your knowledge when it comes to the social media channels/tools that you probably use every day.

Some should be obvious, other less so. 🙂

Have fun!

Author: Alina Popescu

Alina is the Community Manager at Caphyon and joined the team back in 2011. She is passionate about social media and the power that it holds to connect people. Find her on Twitter @PopescuAlinaTeo.

7 thoughts on “Solve The Social Media Logo Quiz & Rate Your Visual Memory!”

      1. No worries, for a couple of seconds i thought they might have changed their name without me knowing it. Great idea, thanks. Competition was high in our office to see who knew the most.

    1. I’d say that 80% is a good score. For sure, now you know more than you did before taking the quiz 🙂

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