Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. 

Picture a marketing agency which offers search engine optimization services… Luke uses Advanced Web Ranking Enterprise when managing his client’s search engine optimization and striving to improve their website ranking. But since the number of clients increased significantly, so the workload did and he decided to take another marketer on board.

Cindy’s skills impressed Luke and he decided to hire her. She was going to help him to manage the portfolio with clients, thus using Advanced Web Ranking to manage search engine rankings. A new computer was configured for her and a Professional license of AWR was bought and installed. Cindy learned how to use the software and started to create projects for new clients.

Weeks later Cindy started to email reports to Luke with the changes noticed in their client’s rankings. But soon Luke felt the need to have a look himself at the Interactive Reports, set Triggers  for Cindy’s projects and find new keywords ideas.  Trying to do this, Luke faced a new issue: he couldn’t access Cindy’s projects without coming to her desk and the reports received from her via email were not enough.  So he started looking for a way to have access at Cindy’s projects and Cindy at his projects.

Fortunately for Luke after doing a research he found a solution: Advanced Web Ranking Server.

AWR Server

The Advanced Web Ranking Server  license allows multiple clients to share the same database and was designed to work on Local Area Networks (LANs). The Server license gives users the possibility to use the Server service and let them keep their existing Enterprise license. Knowing this, Luke decided to upgrade his Enterprise license to Server and keep the Professional license for Cindy.

Luke started by outlining the steps for integrating Advanced Web Ranking Server on the company network:

  • Plan the integration of Advanced Web Ranking Server
  • Install and configure the Server service
  • Connect the clients to the Server

1. Plan the integration of Advanced Web Ranking Server on the network

The first step in integrating Advanced Web Ranking within the LAN is to plan how to do this, on which computer the Server service will be installed and who will use the client licenses.

So Luke met Mike, the IT Manager and scheduled an installation of AWR Server on the company’s server. Since the Server license lets users keep the Enterprise license, Luke decided to continue using the Enterprise license on his PC, Cindy to continue using the Professional license on her Mac and both of them to share the same database stored on the company’s Ubuntu server.

2. Install and configure the Server service

After everything was planned, it was time to install the Advanced Web Ranking Server service. Mike downloaded the latest version of Advanced Web Ranking website and installed it along with the AWR Server service on the Ubuntu server. The installation package automatically registered as a service and started the AWR Server. There was no other action required to start the service.

Mike left the default configuration, server port on “7777” and Data folder location on “/AWR User Data”.

3. Connect the clients to the Server

In order for Luke to access the AWR server database, Mike established a remote connection to the server. From [Options] > [Preferences] > [Application], Mike selected [Remote connection], entered the IP address of the Ubuntu server, the 7777 server port and selected a location on Luke’s computer for the reports to be saved.

On Cindy’s Mac, Mike followed the same steps and configured her version of Advanced Web Ranking to connect to the shared Database on the Ubuntu server.

Later, Mike has the possibility to add additional client licenses when required.

In this way Luke found an effective way to integrate Advanced Web Ranking on the company’s network server by following the steps outlined in the Install Server Edition Guide.

Update, March 5, 2010: The Server service lets you store and share your Advanced Web Ranking database with your coworkers. All the updates are handled by the client applications.

  1. Just to clarify, the server product just stores and shares configurations and data. It does not run queries for all users, this is accomplished by their client applications? This is the only thing in your marketing information that isn’t clear.

    1. Yes Derick, all the queries are run by the client application. The server only stores and shares the database.

      I will add this information to the article to make it more clear.

  2. Hi,

    I have the same situation as Luke above, but my “Cindy” works remotely, in another location. It seems as if you don’t recommend any solution for that. Am I understanding this correctly?

    Or maybe it’s something else. I have a client management database that is accessible to her using my computer as a server. Is that possibly how your software works? Can this be set up so that we can share the same database, but work in separate locations?

    1. Hi Gyi,

      You can use Advanced Web Ranking Server from a remote location, but we strongly not recommend this. I am saying this because of 2 reasons:

      1. The Internet connection might be slow and this will make the application slow down, too.

      2. Because your data it’s send over the Internet, security issues may occur if you connections is monitored.

      However, you can test the Server edition and see how it works for you.

      I hope this helps.


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