15 Reasons to Like Advanced Web Ranking – What Our Customers Say

Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. 

A few weeks ago we decided to send a survey to all our customers and find out how they feel about AWR.

As we gathered up the responses we were thrilled to find our hard work rewarded by the appreciation and nice words our clients had regarding AWR’s capabilities.

And so we’ve put together a list of fifteen top reasons our customers claimed to make AWR their favorite SEO tool:

1. Reports

Reports proved to be the top reason why people love AWR. It’s because we are aware of how important reports are for our users, that we strived to constantly improve and enrich them.

Currently there are over 20 different report types you can choose from in AWR, on which you can build your own customized template.

We are definitely not going to stop here so, please imagine the perfect report for you and tell us about it. We would love to make it happen for you.

2. Ease of use

We were quite happy to find “Ease of use” to be the second strength in this top. We put a lot of work and consideration into AWR’s recent redesign just to make it more simple and quicker to use, more accessible to beginners and prettier. It seems to have achieved our goal. #happy

3. Price

This next strength of AWR didn’t came as a surprise itself but it did pleased us to see that our customers are aware of the efforts we make to keep AWR an affordable product.

In the last few months Advanced Web Ranking has more than doubled its number of reports, added modules of both Analytics and Link building and implemented dozens of requested features from our customers without charging one penny more.

4. Features

We pride to have gathered under AWR’s roof all the tools one SEO might need to do whatever she needs and don’t lack the necessary.

Just like when you start cooking dinner and you must have all the ingredients in one place for a perfect meal, so is in SEO. In order to do a good job and to do it fast you need everything in one place.

5. Accuracy

A popular reason for which our users love AWR is its ability to gather accurate ranking results, tailored to any specific location they need, on thousands of world wide search engines. Now that search results are more personalized and location bound than ever, accuracy is a must for a professional SEO tool.

6. Support team

We’ve learned that the engagement and desire to help of our support team is highly appreciated among our customers and we couldn’t be happier about this. Thank you all for appreciating our efforts and devotion to help any living and breathing AWR user out there and clear out all their uncertainties.

7. Automation

We always knew this would persist in time as one of AWR’s most cherished features.

This feature takes a load off your mind. You don’t have to sit in front of your computer every time you want to update your projects or generate your reports. You can just set it up by schedule and AWR will do all the work by itself.

8. Google analytics

Since the 8.5 version, Advanced Web Ranking allows you to synchronize it with your Google Analytics account and keep track of your website’s traffic right from the AWR interface.

Back then, during implementation, we thought this would be an awesome feature to add to AWR and now, we are thrilled to find out that our customers agree with us.

9. Speed

Gathering rankings has always carried the burden of search engine imposed delays. If you want to use their data, you must play by their rules. And therefore, automating querying is by definition a time consuming task.

AWR is however adjustable and it seems to be one of the top reasons many of our customers appreciate it for. With the possibility to add as many proxy servers as you wish, the update time can be reduced from days to just a few hours.

10. Mac OS X

Lots of people love Mac and we love people. Therefore it was imperious to make AWR compatible with MAC OS X and it looks like we have thus managed to make people love us too.

11. Multiple projects

AWR was from the beginning intended to be an advanced, professional tool. Therefore it was mandatory for it to be able to handle large amounts of data for multiple websites.

Our desire was that AWR won’t put limitations to its users when it comes to their projects and now with their feedback we see that this advantage was highly appreciated.

12. History

Another feature our customers pointed to be among AWR’s top strengths is its ability to store and access historical data for all added websites. AWR allows going back and forth in time, comparing different or multiple dates and importing historical ranking data for newly added websites.

13. Customizable

AWR’s great customizability is also valued by our customers as it applies to a wide range of features. Both interactive and printable reports are customizable, you can create customized filters on your reports, you can adjust the search engines to query, the emails you send or the links you gather.

14. Export

For many of our users AWR is the optimal SEO tool due to its exporting capabilities. We have often received from our users requests of integrating AWR into their own internal systems or to support them for using the data AWR gathers internally. We are proud to be relied on for providing rankings and we commit to remain so in the future.

15. Reliable

We just love that our customers feel they can rely on AWR for their SEO task management and data gathering.

All these features that we have created along the way, were done thinking of AWR’s users, how to make their job easier and in the same time we tried to make AWR trustworthy.

Our work does not end here. We are continuously searching to improve AWR and for that we are open to new suggestions.  Use the comments section or just give us a quick tweet!

Photo credit: Oh Geez! Design

Author: Dana Loiz

Dana Loiz is an Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon. She is passionate about her job and always in a mood to chat about SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media. She tweets the news at @awebranking and @dana_loiz.

4 thoughts on “15 Reasons to Like Advanced Web Ranking – What Our Customers Say”

  1. I also completed your survey and I’m glad to see my vote listed. The Support Team of AWR is GREAT! It deserved though first place instead of 6th !

  2. You didn’t say anything about search engines 🙁 … I see they didn’t make it in your list. My favorite feature of AWR is that it gives you a wide range of search engines from which you can choose and get localized results. This should be on top! 

  3. Hey guys, thank you for participating to the survey and for sharing your thoughts. It’s really nice to see you supporting your favorite features of AWR
    Keep in mind that your opinion is important for us (and I’m not just saying this 😀 ) so please, share it! Thanks again!

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