Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. 

There comes a time when all efforts start to pay off in your search engine optimization work. Analytics reports show that more traffic is coming from search engines, ranking charts indicate your optimized keywords have the best positions ever, while your links reports show your domains are gaining more and more quality backlinks.

Surely these metrics are somehow connected, but it’ s hard to tell from all the reports and graphs spread on your desk.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see your analytics, links and ranking data in the same place?

Well, there is no need to wait for Christmas. Your wish has come true with Advanced Web Ranking version 8.5.

You can now combine analytics, links and rankings into awesome hybrid reports, which show the metrics in both a comparison table and a chart with the evolution of your websites in time.

Imagine that you are trying to optimize your website for the keyword “sport news”. With the new version, you will be able to see, in the same report, all the metrics that matter for your optimization efforts:

  1. The position of your website for the term “sport news” in the search engines
  2. The number of external links with the anchor text “sport news” that point to your website
  3. The number of visitors who reached your website by searching for “sport news”

This gives you the unique opportunity to analyze your SEO campaign efficiency by understanding how all these factors affect your optimization efforts.

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you a bit more about the reports themselves:

Overview – Evolution in Time Report

There is a new chart that allows you to select multiple analytics, links and visibility metrics and see their evolution in time. You can see this new chart in Rankings -> Overview -> Evolution in Time.

We implemented three views in this report:

  • The Global view allows you to see the selected metrics for all search engines and keywords
  • The Search Engines view shows the selected metrics only for the selected search engine
  • The Keywords view shows the selected metrics only for the selected keyword.

Placing all these metrics in a comprehensive chart, with the possibility to see values related to specific selections, provides you with a clearer picture on your website’s trend over time.

Speaking of trends… we added trends to this chart to help you see the evolution of your analytics metrics regardless of the ups and downs that may be misleading. This is something we always wanted to see in Google Analytics and now you have it in Advanced Web Ranking.

Websites Ranking – Date Comparison Printable Report

Search engine ranking, total links and weekly visits are all at hand now in this report, that you can see in Rankings -> Website Ranking and generate it as a printable report:

This helps you see all three types of metrics for all websites added in your projects, detailed per each keyword and search engine selected.

You can select the columns you want to include in your report from the Select columns button, on the left side of the tabular report.

All these changes make the Advanced Web Ranking interactive and printable reports more customizable than ever. You get to play with rows, columns and views and draw your perfect reports just the way you need them.

Now that you have seen how to combine analytics and links data in your reports, let’s take a look at how you can retrieve this data in the application.

Synchronize your Google Analytics data with Advanced Web Ranking

Integrating website analytics in the application helps you see key details about your traffic and conversion rates.

The main advantage is that you can analyze the efficiency of each keyword in relation to its ranking and the number of visitors that it brings to your websites. This way, you can determine on which keywords you need to focus more in your optimization efforts.

To see analytics data in Advanced Web Ranking, all you need to do is synchronize your Google Analytics accounts with the application. On each new update, AWR will retrieve new analytics data for your websites that match the Google Analytics profiles added in the application.

The details about your visitors, conversion/abandon rates and referrers will be shown in comprehensive interactive reports, up to the previous full day. This way, you can avoid the integration of incomplete data in your reports, from the partial numbers Google Analytics shows for the current date.

The next step in creating awesome hybrid reports is to get valuable link information for your website or for your competitor’s websites.

Advanced Web Ranking can gather external links, anchor texts and link metrics directly from the SEOmoz Linkscape database. This gives you the opportunity to see who links back to you and analyze your link building profile through well know metrics as: Domain Authority, Page Authority, mozRank and mozTrust.

Unlike the analytics data, which can be retrieved only for your own websites, link information is independent, so you can see both your own and your competitors’ link profiles.

This way, you get to peek at your competitors’ top links and you can find valuable details about their link building strategy.

You can see more details about your links in the reports that are part of the Links section of the application.

How much will this cost?

To gather the link information, you don’t need an SEOmoz account. Advanced Web Ranking will get the links for you using a link credits mechanism. For each data retrieved, the application will consume the associated number of credits.

To help you start evaluating your link profile, each new Advanced Web Ranking license comes with 2,000 free link credits.

Managing the links update process is done via the dialog above, that you can access from [Project] -> [Websites] -> [SEOmoz Links]. Here, you get to choose how many links and anchor texts you want to gather for the domains and subdomains you select.

New links, anchor text distribution and domain metrics will be retrieved during your AWR project updates, whenever the Linkscape database is refreshed. This usually happens once a month.

When you have consumed the free credits, you can easily acquire new credits, that will be added instantly to your Advanced Web Ranking license key.

Note: Starting October 1st, 2016 this feature will be discontinued. After this date you will still be able to get link information from the Moz link database, using a paid subscription and an API key.

Downloading and compatibility with previous AWR versions

You can download the latest version of Advanced Web Ranking from here.

Due to the newly added Analytics and Links features, major changes to the database were required. This means that after installing Advanced Web Ranking 8.5, your database will no longer be compatible with version 7.5 and below.


Things change fast in the SEO world. Search engines develop new algorithms, analysts invent new metrics, making it almost impossible to track them all in a coherent way. Yet, you somehow must manage to do it and stay on top.

Advanced Web Ranking does not rank your websites on the best positions in the search engines, it does not increase your website traffic and it does not bring you new backlinks. Your hard work and dedication do all these things.

What Advanced Web Ranking does is support you in evaluating your optimization efforts, so you will know at any time what you have already achieved, and what you still need to work on. And we’ll continue to improve the application to make you more efficient in what you do.

Just let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can make things easier for you.

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    The first project updates after installing v. 8.5 may take longer if you are also retrieving Google Analytics data. This happens if your website has a large number of visitors because by default, the application retrieves data for the last 6 months. Subsequent updates should take very little time, since the analytics data will be retrieved for a shorter date range.

    The overall update speed should not be affected by the SEOmoz Linkscape API servers. The response of the links database is usually pretty fast (about 10 seconds for each query). Of course, the time taken for update depends on the number of links you wish to retrieve.

  2. The integration with SEOMoz Linkscape sounds great!

    If I’m already a PRO member of SEOmoz, does it mean we can use credits from SEOMoz to be used on AWR? Or the way AWR integrates is different and the credits have to be obtained from AWR only?

  3. The short story is that the Advanced Web Ranking integration with SEOmoz Linkscape API is different and you cannot use your existing SEOmoz API key. The link credits have to be obtained from AWR.

    The long story:

    SEOmoz has two different APIs. One is called “Free API” and the other one is called “Site Intelligence API”. The main difference between them is that the free one returns limited results and only some of the metrics. You can see more details here:

    Advanced Web Ranking uses the Site Intelligence API to get all the details about your links. With your SEOmoz Pro account, you only get access to the Free API which is not sufficient to return all the results that AWR needs to display the link reports.

    Hope this helps.

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