It can be difficult sometimes to show your clients the value they are getting from your service. Naturally, there is a gap between the SEO efforts you make, and how your client perceives these efforts.

Watch the video below and learn how to present your SEO results in beautiful reports that your clients can easily read and understand.

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Video Script

Hi everyone and welcome back to Advanced Web Ranking University. Today I’m going to show you how to prove your value to your SEO Clients and help them understand the effect you are having on their revenue growth. 

As an SEO, you acknowledge the results of your efforts because you have a good understanding on how the success of your work drives the success of your clients.

But communicating this to them, and making SEO feel tangible may be difficult sometimes.

Take a quick look at this report, for example:

CSV Report Sample

This data makes sense to you, but to your client it’s just a spreadsheet with words and numbers.

So, how can you communicate your results better?

The new reporting system in AWR Cloud provides great visual support for your SEO progress. You can now combine beautiful analytics charts with keyword ranking summaries, and add custom descriptions for each reporting section.

Keywords Activity Report Sample

Let’s see together how this works:

First, let’s create the report in AWR Cloud. Click on “New report” and enter the name, format and page orientation. 

Once the report is created, you can easily add the sections that you would like to present to your clients. Each section is editable. You can enter the title and a short description in the cover page, then choose the charts range, sorting and filtering preferences.

Next, you can edit the report settings and choose a brand template, the AWR Cloud user or the email that will receive this report, and schedule the report to be shared automatically at a specific frequency.

And last, but not least, in the Report Data section you can choose only specific websites, keywords or search engines to include in your report.

Now all there’s left to do is run this report. As soon as it’s generated, you’ll see a notification icon at the top of the screen.

Let’s see together now how an AWR Cloud report would look like with these sections:  

First, the cover page, with the title and a short description of the report scope.

Then you can include a summary page before each section in your report, presenting your findings and suggestions in that specific area.

Traffic details are probably the most easily understood by SEO clients. So it’s a good idea to make the Analytics dashboard the first section in your report.

With the AWR Cloud, it’s easy to connect a site traffic improvement to your SEO efforts. This is achieved by showing the traffic evolution compared to the search engine visibility trend for your website.

Next, you can show your overall improvements in the natural search; and compare ranking results on different markets side-by-side, helping your client to understand future goals in your strategy.

Another section you can present is the Website Ranking, where you can show your client the landing pages with improved rankings, compared to the previous reporting period, or show the landing pages that you plan to optimize during the next reporting period.

When sending reports to your clients, it is important not only to include all the data relevant for your SEO process, but also to communicate your achievements and goals. Help your clients perceive the new SEO opportunities by showing them beautiful, comprehensive reports they can easily read and understand.

That’s about it for now! I hope you have enjoyed the video.

Below the video script, you’ll find the report sample, and a detailed worksheet showing you how to create a report like this.

Thanks for watching!

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