Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. 

Google has recently introduced Place Search, a new kind of local search to help users find their way around places easier and faster than before.

The new search results are marked with red pins, each result being unique and containing relevant information about the website and links to that website.

This information is grouped conveniently and makes easier for users to get comprehensive information about each result.

However, this has dramatically changed the way organic and local business results are displayed in the SERPs and the way you can check rankings.

Place Search Pizza San Francisco Image

What are the differences?

Before, Google was returning a  “7-pack” local business results in the search results page, just below the AdWords ads. Here you can see how the old pages used to look and still look until the feature will roll out globally.

Place Search Pizza Paris Image

As you can see, there are 2 types of results for a single website, one local result and one organic result.

Now things have changed. At this moment, instead of having 2 types of results, when Google finds an organic listing relevant for local search,  it will add some extra information to it. The result will be listed in “Places” too, which is the former “Maps”.

This way the results have relevant information, the meta description of the websites being displayed, too. So here is how the new pages look like.

Place Search Pizza San Francisco Image

How does this affect Advanced Web Ranking?

There have been some major changes in the previous days about how seo software (AWR) deals with Place Search. The latest update (Search Engine version 707) contains all the changes to make this work for you.

It seems now, that Google local business results are being integrated into organic results, so Advanced Web Ranking will treat them, as organic results. The only difference is that Google added a balloon next to them, so you know they are available in Places, too.

Concluding, if you want to check only the places results, you have to use the “Google Local Business Results” search engine (just like before for the “7-pack” results).

If you want to see the results as organic, just use the search engine in Advanced Web Ranking.

Place Search Sponsored Results

Is Google integrating sponsored results into organic results?

Google seems to have integrated sponsored results into the organic listings, but we are keen to find out whether this is an experiment, or it will be rolled out.

But in the meantime we are looking to see how to treat them in Advanced Web Ranking. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Place Search Sponsored Image

Place Search is rolling out as we speak, so don’t worry if you can’t see it as yet, because Place Search will be rolled out to your location soon.

If you want to read more about Places Search, you can find an in depth review of the New Place Search on Search Engine Land.

In this article I just wanted to show you how you can deal with this change using Advanced Web Ranking. So, if you have any questions or comments at all, let me know in the section below.

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