Note: This article also refers to the AWR Website Auditor, a feature that is no longer available in AWR Cloud.

Performing an seo audit of your website is important for many reasons: you can make an accurate evaluation of the health of your website, identify the specific areas that need to be improved, and design the approach to take for future site updates.

Before starting your next seo audit, take a quick look at the video below and see how you can easily find what needs to be fixed or improved on your website.

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 Video Script 

Hi everyone and welcome back to Advanced Web Ranking University. Today I’m going to show you how to run a simple SEO audit and discover the on-page issues that may create a disadvantage for your website in the search.

It’s pretty common to have some technical or content issues on a website. Missing titles, broken links or duplicate content to name just a few of these aspects. Even if they don’t drive a spectacular SEO advantage, by not having them in place you risk a serious disadvantage in the relationship between your website and the search engines.

The good news is that technical issues can be easily identified and fixed. With the new Website Auditor in AWR Cloud, you can quickly crawl your website pages and evaluate their health by focusing on 4 different aspects: search engine visibility, links, content and images.

Let’s see together how it works:

Before starting the first audit for your website in AWR Cloud, there are several crawling options you can choose from: you can audit the main website from your project on-request, or you can do it automatically, at a weekly or monthly frequency. Also, you can choose the number of pages you would like to analyze, and the paths you want to exclude from the analysis. 

For example, if you are interested in getting an overview of your main products landing pages, you might want to exclude the forums, blogs, or knowledge base sections.

Once you’ve set your preferences, simply update the settings and start your first crawl. The analysis may take a while, depending on the number of pages you have chosen to analyze. 

As soon as the audit is completed, you will receive an email with the technical and content issues that AWR Cloud identified. To see more details about a specific issue, just click on View.

You can further display the analysis results in the AWR Cloud auditor by Priority, Categories or you can even make a Comparison to a previous audit. This view is especially helpful for tracking the progress of your on-page optimization efforts. In this example, 3 duplicate title cases have been solved since the last crawl.

Now it may be a good time to start focusing on the other issues that the auditor discovered 🙂 Let’s apply the relevant filter here to see which are the other pages with duplicate title.  

That’s about it for now! I hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching!

  1. We’re happy about this. One less reason to need Raven Tools. We prefer this part of our strategy to be tied with our keyword rankings tracker.

  2. Hi Aura,

    Excellent post! I always blog posts with videos more attractive. It is indeed very important to run a technical SEO audit to your website before everything else. Another thing is, promoting a website or web page with low technical qualities would be useful so this should be done first. Worth watching, two thumbs up.

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