Note: This article also refers to the AWR Website Auditor, a feature that is no longer available in AWR Cloud.

In the last couple of weeks, we started to think on new ways to peek at competitors’ activity in the SERPs and measure the benefits they might get in terms of organic search traffic. So we came up with two new metrics to benchmark keywords performance for your website and your competitors, by calculating the estimated share of clicks and visits received from the search engines.

The new version of AWR Cloud also comes with a new export for top sites, CPC displayed in local currency and much more.

Let me give you a tour:

New Click Share report

You can now easily discover the estimated percentage of clicks and number of visits that you and your competitors may get from organic search for the keywords you are targeting.

Click Share report

The new Click Share report, that you can access from the Rankings menu, helps you compare these values side-by-side to your competitors. They are calculated according to the keyword positions of the websites monitored on the selected search engine, and a score assigned automatically by the system to each ranking position.

Studies show that if your website is listed on the first position in a SERP, 17.16% of the people who are searching for a keyword will click on your site. You can see how the click share percentages are mapped for positions 1 to 10 in the SEO Metrics help section of AWR Cloud.

Along with the click share metric, the new report we have introduced in AWR Cloud helps you see the estimated number of visits that your website, or a competitor, may receive for the targeted keywords. The estimated number of visits is calculated taking into account the click share value and the average monthly search volume retrieved from AdWords.

CPC displayed in local currency

CPC values from AdWords are now available in three different currencies: USD, EUR and GBP.

CPC in local currency

The currency for displaying CPC in AWR Cloud is set automatically by the system, according to the country you have selected in the Settings – Website Settings – Update menu. This way, for EU countries the CPC value is shown in EUR, for UK it is displayed in GBP and for US and other countries it is displayed in USD.

New Top Sites API Calls

Starting from this version, you can export top sites to CSV format by using the AWR Cloud Developer API.

Top Sites export

The new API call extracts organic results, universal results (images, videos, news etc.) and the top Adwords listings. You can see it in action by using the two new calls available in the Settings – Website Settings – Developer API menu:

  • export top sites -> schedule a top sites CSV export for a period of time
  • get top sites -> download the top sites CSV export

What else is new in AWR Cloud:

Here are some of the other improvements we introduced in the new AWR Cloud version:

White label settings split

We have split the white label mode into three different levels, that work independently from one another.

Whitelabel split

This allows you to use your own logo on reports or send reporting emails to your clients through your own SMTP, without the need to actually define a subdomain on your domain and map it to AWR Cloud. You can enable your white label preferences in the Settings – Account settings menu.

Website Auditor enhancements

We added the possibility to define a Start path for the auditor crawler, and also to select the specific auditor issues to be displayed in your report.

Website Auditor settings

To manage your website crawling preferences, navigate to the Research – Auditor menu and click on the upper Settings icon.

Settings menu split

We moved the Account Settings section from the upper – right dropdown to the left side bar, under the Settings menu. This way, you can access your subscription details, invoices, white label settings and account preferences more easily.

More users can receive rankings change alerts

Starting from this version, your administrators, team members or new members of your staff can receive ranking change alerts when something important happens in the SERPs. To do this, simply add their email addresses to the Account Settings – Receive email alerts section of your account.


That’s about it, I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. These are just some of the enhancements you’ll find in the new version. More goodies are waiting for you inside AWR Cloud to try them.

  1. Hello Aura. Many thanks for this new update. I have a question. The CPC value of my keywords is still in US dollars although I selected France in Settings > Update menu. I guess I have to wait a little

    1. Hello Alexandre. You are right 🙂 The CPC values will be displayed in local currencies starting from the next AdWords update in the system, which is currently in progress.

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