Brand visibility and customer acquisition are becoming more and more difficult to achieve for B2B companies given that search engines and its users are actually seeking for high quality sites (branded sites). But brand consistency is essential to the success of your business, and it’s something you need to work towards.

Therefore, to attract both judges (search engines and users) and help your business stand out from the competition, you need to send out consistent brand signals to search engines which would tell them that your site has a strong brand identity and is genuinely giving value to your targeted customers/consumers.

To argue even further, brand consistency has the power to constantly scale and improve your marketing campaigns, which should only make it even more appealing for your list of top inbound marketing priorities.

Still not convinced? Well, I list down the top brand consistency benefits your brand can obtain from being consistent on all marketing channels (social, email, blogs, etc…):

  • Provide proof for your prospects that the site is legitimate through defined web elements (logos, colors, layout, etc..)
  • Efficiently meet your customers’ expectations, in accord with the impression they made from product reviews, testimonials, badges, etc..
  • Strongly build your brand’s reputation through active participation on industry-related discussions (blog community, forums, Q&A sections, etc..)
  • Receive recognition from top news sites/blogs or brand-review sites.
  • Achieve your business’ short and long term goals such as increase in conversions and brand’s reach through constant referrals and organic traffic.

The last benefit in the above list should actually be the aim of every brand. Thus, you would also become more adaptable to the drastic changes that search judges are experiencing in every industry/field.

Let’s take a look at how you can create a consistent approach in branding.

Align your marketing campaigns with the brand’s goals/objectives

Rand Fishkin emphasized the key points and benefits a good marketing team can receive from a well-planned brand’s vision, mission and Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). Without aligning your marketing campaigns with the brand’s goals, you cannot achieve complacency within the brand’s marketing team and that won’t help in achieving the best results in the long run. But with alignment, maintaining brand consistency will be much easier to sustain over time.

To get started with the alignment, you must identify the specific category your brand will be specialized on (for newly-started brands). Begin analyzing your market’s competition by identifying the trends of the community and your brand’s potential to get traction in the chosen industry. Use Google Trends, Google Keyword Tool and Ubersuggest to scrape all the list of keywords your campaigns will be targeting.

Determine what type of campaign your brand will be using to target industry keywords.

There’s no one size fits all marketing. Even if content marketing proves to be effective for inbound marketing, your brand should not solely depend on it. There are companies that prefer community-based campaigns (donations/sponsorship, offline events, networking groups, etc..) rather than the use of content marketing.

This is a simple process you can apply to your brand’s marketing campaign, and which will help you maintain brand consistency:

  • Identify. What trends/issues is your brand able to contribute into the community? Does your plan align with the goals/objectives of the company?
  • Create. What type of marketing campaign can your brand be good at? Community-based? Content marketing? What are your specific actions to promote your brand’s assets (both offline and online)?
  • Test. Did you achieve your wanted results based on your marketing metrics (ROI, CPC, CTR, etc…)?
  • Evaluate. What makes it difficult for your campaign to achieve the desired results? Lack of brand exposure? Poor user experience? Inadequate resources to support the campaign?

brand’s marketing campaign

Using this tactic you may notice an increase in direct traffic and for your branded keywords. (People are searching for related brand terms, seeing their intentions to know more about the company).

Track brand mentions to measure brand consistency

As your brand evolves, it starts to leave remarkable insights/knowledge within its community. Tracking mentions is imperative in branding as this step may help your site increase search rankings for targeted keywords and may form connections with other brands or sites.

I highly recommended this post to find unlinked brand mentions at scale. List down those sites where you want your site to be linked to. Create an outreach template that is personalized for each site. Ask the site owner if he/she can link his mentions about your brand.

Actively contribute and participate

The best brand promotion is to contribute and participate in the community. Engagement reveals the true identity of your brand and establishes authority through the following tactics:

Regular contribution on top authority sites/news. Tip: You can link/mention other blog posts written by industry influencers to easily create connections with them.

Create linkable assets (guides, whitepapers, sticky blog posts, etc..) to constantly attract editorial links and in-content links. See 120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs.

Target .edu. and .org sites that accept paid donations and/or scholarships for link acquisition and increased brand community. (Use: or”).

Target offline assets (newsletters, events, seminars, etc..) given that these opportunities have high tendency to build hard-to-replicate links.

contribute and participate
Ask the outreach/community manager if you can contribute regularly to monthly newsletter. This drives a boost in your brand’s reach, given that followers/members can read both offline and printed copies of the newsletter.

monthly newsletter request

Be on the list of top curators in your niche. Use search queries like “keyword round up” or “keyword weekly round up” to find relevant curations that target specific contributions from different authors/site owners.

Tip: Constantly build relationships with site owners to further extend the reach of your content and form alliances in the community.

Accept interview requests as you can show your expertise through insightful answers, reveal your personality and add a human touch to your brand. You can just search for bloggers who love to conduct interviews, using queries like ”industry interviews” or ” keyword”. Simply engage with the site owner on social platforms or reach out to him via email and ask him if he can conduct an interview with you.


Brand consistency is vital to marketing campaigns which the brand should include in its core values. The more you are consistent with all your marketing efforts, the likelihood of acquiring customers and turning them into your loyal customers and brand evangelists is higher.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

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