Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. 

We make business decisions every day.

Raven Tools recently made a big, bold decision for their business and they are announcing interesting things to come in the next year. Here at Advanced Web Ranking, we believe that changes are always good although sometimes it takes courage to make them happen.

We wish our friends from Raven the best of luck with their endeavors and we send our thanks for recommending us.

The same belief that innovation is at the heart of progress stood behind our philosophy for the last 10 years while we strived to adapt to our customers’ needs.

Based upon the requests we’ve received in the last two weeks, we have implemented a new feature in the latest 9.3 version, that allows you to import all your historical ranking data from Raven Tools into Advanced Web Ranking.

Note: If you are running the import with an Advanced Web Ranking trial version, only the last month will be imported.

Step-by-step instructions

Before we begin, it’s best to have at hand the CSV export files from your Raven account, containing your ranking information.

Ok, so let’s start:

To perform the migration, I will go to the Data menu and choose the “Import” option, right here. And this will open a wizard that will help us run the automatic import.

I’ll just need to browse to my Raven Tools archive and open it, and this will list the projects exported form Raven, and the number of websites,  keywords and search engines that they contain.

So, let’s just start the import and once it’s done, let’s navigate to the new project in AWR to see the historic rankings.

Now, in order to make a report for this project, we can also get some visits details from Google Analytics and also the search volume information and cost per click from AdWords. This is very simple to do, I will just click on the Monthly visits column and connect AWR with my Google Analytics profile. I’m already logged on in browser, so I will just authorize the application here.

Ok, so here are the monthly visits for our keywords. Now let’s also get the search volume from Google Adwords. Just click on the column here, log in with the AdWords account and get the data.

Now that we have this report in the application, with rankings, traffic and search volume data, we can also generate a file with all these details.

So, let’s move to the Reports menu and open the Overview report, right here. This is a template in AWR, that we can edit and white label before we generate the actual report.

For this example, I’ll just change the title of the report. But you can also use a custom header to add your company name, logo and the website in the report file header.

Now, let’s also choose the columns that we want to be displayed in the report.

Ok, that’s all done. And now it’s time to see how the report will look like, in the Preview mode.

You can further generate this report manually any time you need, or you can do it automatically at the end of your ranking project updates.

Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, feel free to write us at: help at

Below is a short list with videos for how to best use Advanced Web Ranking:

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