Note: This article also refers to the AWR Website Auditor, a feature that is no longer available in AWR Cloud.

Holiday season is here and it’s time for some gifts for you, the AWR Cloud user! Santa came early here at Caphyon, and he left some nicely wrapped up gifts for our users.

Because you’ve been nice, Santa hooked you up with the long awaited links reports. You can now see the links that bring you traffic, right within AWR Cloud. You will need to authorize AWR Cloud to access your Google Analytics data for this feature. For now, we only report the links and they can be seen in three views: Overview, Domains and Landing Pages.

Links in AWR Cloud

For the links report, we’ve pulled referral data from Google Analytics and displayed it in a fashion you’re familiar with for link analysis. The new data enables you to asses which pages on your website get the most link power and have the most effective referrals.

The Overview is more like a raw data display where you can see where each referrer URL points to, and how many sessions and pageviews it was bringing in the last 30 days.

The Domains view is organized by the referrer domain, and you’ll see all the referrer URLs grouped under each domain. You will also be able to see how many sessions and pageviews you’re getting from each referrer domain.

In the Landing Pages view you can see all the referrer URLs grouped by each landing page they point to, alongside how many sessions and pageviews each landing page is receiving from these referrers.

SEO Browser

Santa has been listening to all our users who’ve been moving from the desktop version of AWR, and decided to gift them the almighty SEO Browser.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, here’s a quick description: the SEO Browser is a crawler that will try to show you an URL as if you were the Google Bot spider. That means you’ll be able to see how your visual design affects your SEO. You can use multiple user agents, and even detect websites that have cloaking.

While a certain amount and type of cloaking is perfectly natural for any website, there is a fine line between that and getting removed from Google’s index for violating their guidelines. The new SEO Browser enables you to stay on top of your website content, measure just how much you are cloaking your pages and much more.

SEO Browser

Besides the information found in headers or in the meta content of an URL, the SEO Browser Overview picks up some interesting metrics such as word count, internal and external links or the number of headings it comes across.

Specifically for URLs that have some degree of cloaking, the Content tab will highlight the differences for you, so check out the deletions (or insertions) found between your user agent of choice and the Google Bot spider.

Visual Changes

Besides these major gifts, Santa decided to give AWR Cloud a few more improvements as well. The most visible one is reorganizing the left side menu, so here are the main changes in case you can’t find something you need.

AWR Cloud menus

Next to the newly introduced Links UI reports, the Google menu now includes all things Google found in AWR Cloud:

  • Analytics dashboard – formerly in the Rankings – Overview menu
  • Organic CTR – GWT Statistics tab from Google Webmaster Tools
  • Algorithm Changes and SERP Features – moved here from the Playground section

Since many of these changes affected the Playground menu, it was only natural that the section receives a new name: Crawling. It includes the Website Auditor and the brand new SEO Browser.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the gifts. Give a shout out to Santa in the comments section below to let him know what you think!

  1. Awesome – love how AWR is evolving rapidly! – only problem is that that most links in my GA account are spam! Are AWR able to filter those out ?

    1. Hey Gerry! Glad to see you like the gifts 🙂 Right now we don’t filter links in a particular way, but we want you guys to help us improve the links reports. We want you to tell us how to make them more useful for you. So, we’re open to your suggestions. Tell us your usage scenario and we’ll keep it in mind for future updates.

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