It’s been a few months since Google’s shift to secure searches, which resulted in almost no organic search data being provided to SEOs. Thanks to all your suggestions, we’ve been working continuously on alternatives to help capture keyword data from multiple sources, and combine them all into comprehensive reports.

This new AWR Cloud release focuses on bringing search engine visibility metrics side by side to organic visits, impressions and clicks for the keywords that matter most.

Here are the main features and improvements that we are rolling out today:

New Keyword Groups Report

The new Keyword Groups report, which you can access from the Rankings menu, shows you an overview of your keywords performance in the search engines, along with the traffic value they drive back to your website. To see the Visibility metrics side by side to Organic visits, Impressions and Clicks, just connect your AWR Cloud account to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Keyword Groups Reports

For each group of keywords, you will be able to see the Visibility score, the Visibility percent, the sum of organic visits, Impressions, Clicks, and the average CTR and average Position.

This way, the Keyword Groups report will make it very easy to spot those keyword groups that are not driving the expected amount of clicks. Once you have these details at hand, setting future priorities for each group in your SEO efforts becomes a lot easier.

Measuring the rank tracking progress split by search engine

You can now see your website’s visibility for a specific search engine, or keyword group. For example, you can measure your progress for the Web and Mobile versions of Google separately.

Keywords activity3

The visibility split is available in the Dashboard – Keywords Activity section. Here, you can see the number of keywords on the first position, or the number of keywords for which your website changed its position, on each search engine at a time. This way, you can identify the search engine where your SEO efforts were most effective.

A better way to find new keyword opportunities

AWR Cloud introduces a new tool called Keywords from GWT, that you can easily access from the Google menu. Once you connect AWR Cloud to your Google Webmaster Tools account, the application will gather and display the terms and phrases that people are already searching for in order to find your website in Google.

Keywords from GWT2

These keywords have several advantages: they are highly relevant for your website, they come with reliable metrics that are not accessible to your competitors, and their value for your business can be easily spotted.

Keywords that you are already tracking in your AWR Cloud project are marked in green. Once you spot new keywords that are valuable to your business, simply select them and then click on the Add Keywords button. This will add the new keywords to your project, and you will be able to see where your website is ranking for them when the next update is complete.

Get search traffic numbers in printable reports

The new AWR Cloud also comes with the ability to include data from Google Webmaster Tools in printable reports. This is helpful when presenting your rank tracking progress to a client, or to your boss because it shows the impact of the tracked keywords on the performance of your website.

Printable report 2

Sometimes, it can be difficult for them to visualize the positive effect that your optimization efforts are driving. So, in order to help them see the connection between your efforts and the higher traffic values, you now have the possibility to show ranking results side by side to Search Volume, CPC, Impressions, Clicks and Average Position.

To see it in action, simply create a new printable report from the Reports – Edit Reports menu, and make sure you add the Keyword Ranking section. Then click on the Show Advanced Options button and select the Google Webmaster Tools columns you wish to see in the report.

Once the columns are selected, you can generate the new report by clicking on the Run Report button from the upper – right corner of the report editor. The new report will display the ranking positions for each keyword side by side to the number of impressions and clicks that it drove for your website.

Get rankings change alerts when something big happens in the SERPs

There are days when you have so many things to do that you won’t have time to check your ranking reports and see how your website is doing in the search results. This is where this new feature comes to help, with the ability to set a threshold for ranking changes. Now, when you receive your daily ranking email alerts you can easily spot when something big happened with your keywords in the SERPs.

Changes 3

You can set a threshold in the Account Settings section of your Profile Settings. This means that if you set the threshold to 5, you will receive an email alert only with the ranking positions that moved up or down by more than 5 positions.

Changes threshold 2

This threshold also applies to the Changes column of your websites list and you can also use it to filter the changes in any of the Rankings reports.


One of the great things about performing your keyword analysis with AWR Cloud is that you can combine data from multiple sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google Webmaster Tools.

For example, let’s say you want to see how efficient the keywords that you optimized for recently are. You can do this by comparing your ranking reports with the data for those particular keywords in your GWT account. But instead of wasting so much time checking this for each keyword, you can easily get a report in AWR Cloud with the ranking positions side by side to the number of clicks, impressions, average rank and search volume.

Interested? All you need to make this happen is sign up for a 30 day FREE trial and then connect AWR Cloud with your Google Webmaster Tools account.

That’s about it, I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. One thing that makes us different from other companies is that we always listen to our customers. So if you like these new features or wish to talk about some other features that you need, why not add a comment below?

  1. Hi Aura,

    Thank you for this release. Google Webmaster Tool reporting integration is very important in the not provided world.

    Could you add the boxes that allow to select the columns to display in Keyword Groups report ? I don’t want to see “Organic visits” because we have 90% of not provided. So the data that is shown in this column is not correct.

    Could you also add to AWR Cloud the landing pages data that can be retrieved from GA ? It would be nice to create landing pages category and to get their visibility, their rank, their SEO traffic, revenue and conversion rate for e-commerce sites.

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