The end of month is coming, and it’s that time again when you have to look into tons of reports about rankings, visits, conversions and revenue changes, trying to make some sense out of them.

Was your SEO campaign successful? What worked and what didn’t?

Take a quick look at the video below and see how easily you can measure progress and take control of your SEO performance with the new Dashboard of the AWR Cloud:

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Video Script 

Hi everyone and welcome back to Advanced Web Ranking University. Today I’m going to show you a brand new way of measuring SEO success. 

Think about the end of month reporting. If you’re working with reports like these, you surely know it’s not that easy to actually get the big picture, and understand which actions resulted into traffic and revenue changes.  

Now, as if it wasn’t already hard enough to keep track of your progress, the “not provided” percentage growth in keyword visits puts an even thicker veil on your analysis efforts.  

So, you wonder…how did it all get from this, to this!

The new Dashboard of AWR introduces a simple way to evaluate the overall progress of your SEO campaign, by combining your search ranking visibility with the analytics stats that matter the most.

Let’s see together how it works:

First, synchronize your Google Analytics account with the AWR Cloud. It takes just a few minutes to gather the traffic stats.

Then, you’ll be able to see the most important analytics metrics on the top side of the Dashboard, and compare the visits trends from all traffic sources, or just from a specific source, to your website’s visibility score.  

What’s the visibility score? Simple. It’s an internal metric calculated automatically by the AWR Cloud to show you how discoverable your website is across all keywords and search engines that you are monitoring. The greater the score, the better your site’s visibility is in the search engines.

And this takes us to the Keyword activity panel of the AWR Cloud Dashboard. Here, you can see a more detailed view on what actually happened in the search. A simple click on this filter, and you can identify the exact keyword phrases which determined the descending trend in your website’s visibility score.

This way, you’re not only discovering the problem, but you also get a good idea on which terms and landing pages to focus next in your SEO campaign.

That’s about it!

Thanks for watching. I hope you have enjoyed this video. Take care! 

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