If you want to find out who the most influential Twitter followers are in your community based on retweets and engagement, here are great tools for discovering them. But what if you want to find out which pieces of content on your website attracts the people whose shares on Twitter lead to the most traffic back to your website? Here’s how to find out.

Dig Into Your Google Analytics

When you look into your Google Analytics referral traffic, you’ll likely see Twitter’s own shortened URL, t.co.t.co referrer google analytics

When you click on t.co, you’ll see a detailed breakdown of the specific shortened URL’s that have led visitors back to your website.t.co details google analytics

From here, you can analyze your Twitter traffic two ways. You can analyze the t.co links that have driven the most traffic to your website or you can click on your Goal Sets at the top of the Explorer view to see which t.co links have brought you visitors that convert.t.co referral traffic conversions google analytics

Once you have chosen the t.co links you want to analyze, click on the outgoing link icon to find out what piece of content it directs visitors to.

Search Twitter Trackbacks

Next, you’ll need the Topsy trackback bookmarklet. Just drag this link for Topsy Trackbacks to your browser’s bookmark toolbar. Then click on the bookmarklet when you’re viewing the piece of content you clicked to from Google Analytics. Now you should be on a page that shows you the tweet history of your content.Topsy trackbacks page

Use your browser’s find box (Ctrl F or Command F) and paste in the specific t.co referral path to search for it on the trackbacks page. You may need to hit the More link at the bottom to get more trackbacks. The goal is to find the first person that tweeted that link first. Note that sometimes it might be harder to get all of the trackbacks for older content.Topsy trackbacks t.co referral path

Voila! You now know the most popular piece of content on your website for a specific period of time that resulted in a tweet from an influential Twitter member and lots of visits from Twitter to your website.

Keeping Influencers in Your Corner

At this point, you’re probably thinking that you want to keep this person interested in you and your content. So how do you do that? Here are some ideas.Commun.it dashboard interactions

  • As you find influential people on Twitter whose tweets lead to lots of traffic or conversions, add them to a Twitter list (public or private). Monitor this list using tools like Commun.it(as shown in the image above) to track your engagement with them and make sure you never miss the chance to reply to their updates.
  • If your influential followers have a blog, subscribe to it via RSS. Google Reader is a great option if you are already logged in to your Google account for Analytics, Google+, and other Google products. If their posts will resonate well with your audience, be sure to tweet the post and include the person’s @username in the tweet so they know you are following them closely too.
  • If these people have a ton of Twitter followers, they may miss your interactions on Twitter. Seek them out on other networks where they may have fewer followers (Google+ is usually a sure shot) and interact with them there. The fewer interactions they have, the more yours will stand out.

By using your analytics data, Topsy, and a Twitter list monitoring tool, you can make sure you get to know the people who support you who bring the best traffic results to your website and keep them on your team!

What strategies and tools do you use to analyze your tweets to find the most influential members of your Twitter community?

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

  1. Really helpful information! Just goes to show how having the right tools (and the right followers) makes all the difference!

  2. This is an excellent opportunity to build upon a social media relationship. As you mentioned, you should connect with your #1 follower via another platform. Build a rapport and perhaps over time you create a guest blogging arrangement or schedule some cross promotions. The opportunities are there, you just need to take them.

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