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Back in November 2009, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Search Quality Team, gave a talk at the PubCon in Las Vegas which covered what Google has done for users, web developers and webmasters in 2009.

Matt Cutts also made a promise that whenever he gives a talk at a conference he will recreate it and last week he published a video for everyone who didn’t make it to the conference.

From the user’s perpective, you will find information about Chrome, Android and Wave, which have large open source components.  Music OneBox, which let’s you also search by lyrics, Google Squared, Google Social Search are also featured in the video.

The web developers were also not neglected. What Matt advised it’s worth paying attention to in 2010, and I think this is quite important, is your website speed. At you can find more information about how you can increase the speed of your website. The load speed is not yet a ranking factor, but the search engineers at Google are considering introducing it, not as the most important, but one of the ranking factors. This is good, because a good load speed will also increase the user experience. One interesting tool that Matt recommended is, which can help you measure the load speed of your website.

Webmasters have a special place in this presentation and as a webmaster you will find useful information from the 14th minute. Matt speaks about some interesting free tools which can help you improve your website rankings.

So here is the video:

I hope you will find useful watching this video and if you have any questions or comments, please consider leaving them below.

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