Having a Google Local page is an essential part of local optimisation, it used to be a case of creating a Google places page but this has slowly evolved to a Google + Business page for your local business. The advantage of the new format is the sheer control, with a Google Plus Business (Google Plus local) page you are able to use it like your formal G+ page share posts, create connections, post images and videos and link it with your website.

The result is potential social interaction with your audience on a local scale as well as the side benefit of potentially appearing in the local listings within the Universal search results as well as on maps and even the carousel.

Setting up your page

I’m not going to discuss the in’s and out’s of setting your page up and optimizing it, this is official link for Google Plus Business. However in order to get your profile fully working and start appearing in search results for both your brand and localized search terms you need the business to be verified.

Quick Steps:

  1. Click on “Get Your Page”
    Create Google Plus Business Page
  2. Choose “Local Business or Place”
    Define Local Business
  3. Search For Your business.

You now have two potential options:

  1. Is this your business
    Claim Google Plus Business page
  2. We could not find your business
    Cannot find Google Plus Business Page

Verifying your business

Google offers two primary ways to prove your business is real:

  1. Post Card Verification
  2. Phone verification

If your are an existing business that has listings in Local Business Directories such as Yelp, 118, Yell etc. there is a good chance Google already has your phone number and so when you click on verify by phone they will send an automated message, you can simply write down the pin and boom! Your page is verified, happy days.

Verify Google Plus Business Page by Phone

However it may contain old details or no details at all in this case your only option is to verify by postcard, the issues with this is:

  • Your often waiting far more than the predicted 1-2 weeks
  • Your have to hope that the postcard isn’t thrown away (Especially if your a business with multiple offices)

If you read any of the Google Local forums or talk from SEO people the postcard verification is a constant frustration, but unfortunately that is all you are able to do….

Or is it?

Well there is a quicker route to get phone verification by using Google Map maker!

Google map maker allows you to add new:

  • Places
  • Road, Rivers, Railways
  • Building Outlines
  • Natural Features
Google Map Maker

Your are now able to manually add your business name, address, email and phone number to be reviewed by a Google Map reviewer (Usually in 72 hours).

What You need:

The key point here is that you need to make sure the physical address is on a page on your website that you use when submitting the map listing i.e. all the information your submitting can be found on the website page you submit.

That’s it…

Wait 72 hours it will either be approved or denied, once approved you can go back to Google+ Business and the option for Phone Verification will be available.

Google Map Maker

Now that will save you a few weeks of waiting for the postcard.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

  1. Great article. With all the competition creeping up in local areas, and lack of understanding by said competition on internet approaches to business, this will surely give a company a distinctive advantage having their location appear adjacent to the search results.

  2. You
    can see the local business listing live on Google by signing into your Google
    Places account and clicking See your listing on Google. Thanks for sharing such informative post.

  3. I followed all the steps but still although my listing is approved in Map Maker, when i open google maps it is not there and actually if i try to setup the google my business page it gives me an error.

  4. Great post Neil, as soon as I set up a website this is literally one of the first things I do.

    I have to agree with the last post, though. Recently I’ve not been able to verify through the phone. Maybe they have taken this feature away

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