How will Google Instant affect you?

Yesterday Google announced the launch of Google Instant to make search even faster. With the new Google Instant now launched a new search revolution is announced to start. This new feature was  brought up to make the search a better experience for the users and to decrease the average time spend on a search.

How does it help?

When typing a query it makes suggestions of terms that it guesses to be most likely for you to search and displays them in a drop down list. The one with most chances of being your match is also displayed in the search box as a grey sequence of your query and if you think it fits you just press Tab and it will automatically complete it for you.

The coolest thing about Google Instant is that as you type the query search results are already displayed below the suggestions drop down list. With every word you ad to your text the suggestions change and the results shown change too. This way you can get suggestions for the terms to search and see the results without making a click or pressing a key. And it will also be a lot easier to find a relevant results fast by only eye scanning the results as they change with your typing.

Does it affect my search engine rankings?

It shouldn’t. From what Google says the algorithm used for ranking and determining relevance remains the same as before. Instant results are displayed for the term that Google predicts to be the one that the user needs. In other words the first term from the suggestions drop down list. This means that whenever the keywords you optimized for are the first suggested term in the list, your website will show up in the instant results just like it would for a regular search.

Does it affect search engine optimization?

As it determines relevance the same way as before it won’t change the necessity of website optimization nor the rules of it. Nevertheless this new way of searching might change people’s searching habits and this could have an impact on keyword targeting.

As a consequence you might need to stay focused on keyword research and optimize for other keywords that will be now preferred by your targeted audience.

Does it affect my AdWords campaigns?

AdWords ads will continue to be shown in search results the same way they did before for the predicted terms. As you type and the displayed search results change, AdWords ads will change too.

As results are displayed and changed rapidly with the user’s typing impressions are counted only if the user takes an action to choose a query (presses enter, makes a click or results are displayed for more than 3 seconds).  So there won’t be any important changes of the way AdWords campaigns are managed but you might see changes of the impressions level as they are counted differently with Google Instant.

Is Advanced Web Ranking affected by Google Instant?

Advanced Web Ranking will continue working the same way as before, so you shouldn’t worry about getting inaccurate search engine rankings from the application. If you feel that Advanced Web Ranking does not return the right rankings, please check the 7 reasons why AWR results may be different, as this should answer your questions.

What about you?

Check out Google Instant and do let us know your opinion in the comments below. Do you think Google Instant will improve search? What about search engine rankings and seo?

Author: Dana Loiz

Dana Loiz is an Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon. She is passionate about her job and always in a mood to chat about SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media. She tweets the news at @awebranking and @dana_loiz.

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