Quite an eventful July from a Google CTR stats perspective, especially for the searches made from mobile devices. More specifically, both branded and unbranded results were affected, 1 to 3 word queries, the searches that have location and commercial intent, as well as some specific industries in particular.

So let’s have a look at what these changes mean for each category affected when comparing July CTR values against the ones retrieved in June.

All searches:

Globally, websites ranked first on mobile results experienced a 1.56% increase in CTR when comparing the July values against the June ones.

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Branded vs unbranded searches:

When looking at branded vs unbranded searches, it seems that it’s the first ones who drove a higher amount of mobile traffic with this July update. More precisely, for branded queries made from mobile devices, websites ranked 1st gained 2.43% in CTR, while those ranked 2nd, experienced a 1.09% growth. As for the unbranded queries made from mobile, websites ranked first increased with 1.4% in CTR.

Long tail keywords:

Regardless of the number of words, queries made from desktop devices didn’t experience any ups and downs when it came to CTR values. However, when searching from mobile devices, websites ranked first got a boost in clickthrough rate as follows: 1.63% for 1-word queries, 2.17% for 2-word queries and 1.55% for 3-word queries.

Search intent:

As you might have guessed already, mobile searches were the ones affected. For commercial intent queries (containing words such as buy, price etc), websites ranked 1st, increased in CTR with 1.53%. On the other hand, for location queries (those including words such as near, from, directions etc.), websites ranked on the first position recorded a 2.29% growth.


Compared to previous month, when it registered the highest increase in CTR, the Dining & Nightlife industry experienced a drop on desktop searches. Therefore, websites ranked first decreased with 2.82% in CTR, while the ones ranked second, recorded a 1.92% drop.

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However, on mobile devices, websites positioned on 2nd and 3rd places increased their CTR values with 2.64% and 1.41%, respectively.

July’s winners could be considered the News, Media & Publications industry, who witnessed a 3.07% increase in CTR for the websites ranked second on desktop searches, while the ones ranked 3rd noticed a 1.02% growth.

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Same industry, but for searches made from mobile devices this time, websites ranked first increased with 1.89% in CTR.

As opposed to previous month, websites ranked 1st in the Sports & Fitness industry experienced an increase in CTR. Somehow, the websites managed to regain the lost ground partially, witnessing a 1.25% growth on desktop searches and a 1.26% on mobile ones.

July’s global trend was reflected in the Travel & Tourism industry, as well, since the websites ranked first on mobile searches got a 1.48% boost in CTR when compared to the previous month.

That’s all for…July

If it were to conclude all the CTR main changes that occurred in July into one keyword, that would certainly be “mobile queries”. And since clickthrough rates go hand in hand with rankings (the higher the rankings, the higher the CTR), I was wondering: do you track your desktop and mobile rankings separately?

With AWR you can track both of them both side by side and, in the meantime, I’ll prepare some fresh insights out of the August CTR data 🙂

  1. Hey Dan, well explained. Thanks for the useful & detail guide learned something new from your article. I would like to learn more new things from your blog. Keep sharing more articles in this way.

  2. Dan,
    Thanks for this report. I look forward to it monthly!
    Any insight as to why CTRs for first position were up in July? Were there changes in the SERPs that would affect 1st position being more visible? I know the favicon is now visible. Any thoughts?

  3. I just visited your blog for the very first time and I found it really cool for the Search Engine related guides. Mobile Searches really matters a lot and usually have better CTR than desktop searches.

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