5 Magento Extensions I’ve Tested And Got More Sales

There are a ton of great extensions out there for Magento store owners that can help improve the management and marketing performance of your ecommerce store.

In my experience as a marketing agency owner, I’ve had the luxury of working on dozens of eCommerce SEO and PPC campaigns so I wanted to share my recommendations on what I consider to be the top 5 extensions to use if you’re looking for a way to increase conversion rates for an eCommerce store.

magento extensions get more sales

While this post is comprised of mere recommendations/opinions, I’ve used these extensions in many occasions and have witnessed conversion rate increases that were more than appealing. If you test them out on your own store, you may just be pleased to find that your conversion rates increase as well. After all, isn’t that what search marketing is all about?

It’s important to understand that implementing any changes to a website such as installing new extensions or making modifications to the front/back end of your website requires a webmaster. You should not attempt to install extensions or implement the changes needed to follow through with my suggestions. Optimize are your own risk.

Justuno Sales Conversion Tool (Pop-up For Bounce Prevention)

Starts at 14.99 per month

This extension automates the process of showing pop-ups to visitors who show interest in your products through navigation patterns and mouse movement. It’s proprietary technology makes it so that you don’t even need to click out of your browser or hit on the back button before the pop-up presents itself to those pre-qualified visitors.

Justuno Sales Conversion Tool

The extension uses an online portal that you can sign-into and create your ads, manage your campaigns, build new pop ups and more. It’s virtually plug-and-play, requires basically zero setup and the price is fair, it is based on the number of conversions you receive from your campaigns per month. Conversions are usually just the goals you set for your pop up such as obtaining an email address for your newsletter or getting the visitors to engage with one of your social profiles.

Justuno is compatible with almost all major email marketing platforms and works with basically all social networks.

I must say this extension and online interface is very robust and makes it very easy to integrate such a useful functionality in less than a few hours.

Simply Google Shopping By Wyomid (Auto-generates Google Shopping Feeds)

149.99 One-time fee (installation available for additional fee)

If you’ve worked at a marketing agency and had to deal with the headache of manually building a product feed then you probably know how daunting of a task it can be. I’ve been fortunate enough to know about this extension for a while and boy has it been helpful in setting up Shopping Campaigns for new Adwords advertisers.

If you’re not familiar with how to setup a shopping campaign, I’d encourage you to read my post on the matter here. If you are, then I’d encourage you to consider this extension.

In short, this extension will take your current product catalog as it stands and translate the attributes of the catalog into a format that Google Merchant Center will accept.

Simply Google Shopping By Wyomid

Generally speaking, after setting up the feed using this extension there are a few error notifications that still will show in your Merchant account, but the real benefit is in skipping the process of having to build your product feed from scratch.

Additionally, when your feed is generated using this extension, there are some great features that allow you to include custom labels, Google product categories and easily manage promotions that you wish to show as special offers on the shopping network. I highly recommend this product for those considering Google Shopping campaigns for the first time.

Order Product Emails

149.99 One-time fee (installation available for additional fee)

This is a great extension for those of you who have a knack for efficiency. If you have to send emails to your manufacturer representatives, sales managers or anyone for that matter when a product is purchased you can automate it using email templates and syntax codes.

For example, if you have several manufacturing companies in which you communicate with to ensure products leave their warehouse in a timely manner, this tool can be used to create manufacture specific emails that are pushed to the manufacturer representative. You can manage the email templates that you create for each manufacturer so that it includes your reseller account number, order information (i.e. shipping address, name of customer etc..) and more.

It’s a great tool that should be considered by any eCommerce store owner that needs to send emails each time a product is sold.

Order Product Emails

Yotpo Customer Content Marketing Solution

Starting at $25 per month (installation not included)

When it comes to review management, this extension does it ALL! The developers of Yotpo have gone a long way to simplify the process of moderating reviews and or questions from customers about particular products.

There is a ton of awesome features to take advantage of such as the rich snippets add on which will automatically create review snippets that can show up on organic search results when they become eligible to do so. To learn more about product reviews, ratings and rich snippets, click here.

Below is an example of what your organic product page result could look like if you were leveraging review or rating snippets with Yotpo. Many case studies show that having these types of rich snippets can improve your CTR and overall SEO performance.

Yopto Customer Content Marketing Solution

Olark Live-Chat Solution

Starting at $15 per month

If you’re thinking about using a chat solution to see if it makes an impact on your conversions then you may want to consider using Olark as it’s probably one of the easiest softwares to install and work with. Seamlessly setup users with unique logins that track conversations for admins to see and integrate Google Analytics event tracking to measure the number of successful chats.

This tool does it all when it comes to live-chat features and is worth looking into if you have an eCommerce store managed with Magento. In the screen shot below you can see an example of a live chat window that is being used on one of our clients stores.

Olark Live-Chat Solution

The great thing about this extension is that it is mobile and browser tested thoroughly out of the box. When you have it installed it requires almost no training at all to use the dashboard and interface. I’ve worked with many softwares and this has one of the easiest to use back-ends. All you need to do when it’s installed is create users, add a profile picture and then you can start to play around with all the cool features that they have to offer such as automated messages and advanced reporting.

Utilizing Extensions To Improve Your eCommerce SEO & SEM Performance

Now that you’ve seen just a few of the powerful extensions that are available for Magento store owners, I encourage you to search for others that may be advantageous for you to use. As an eCommerce SEO Company, we’ve used TONS of extensions.

Some of the extensions that we’ve tested didn’t work out as well as others, so be careful which ones you choose to work with when you’re exploring the Magento Extension search engine. Before testing any extension you should always check to see the ratings and reviews of the product and as a general rule of thumb, products that have version 1.0 are usually really new and thusly have not been updated or maintained, be careful when using new extensions that have little to no ratings or reviews as they can end up doing more harm than good.

Be sure to share any other recommendations in the comments below if you have other extensions that you’ve experienced success with and thanks for reading!

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

Author: Sergio Aicardi

Sergio Aicardi from The Miami SEO Company is an entrepreneur with a strong focus on search marketing (SEO & PPC). He owns a marketing agency in Miami and operates several companies from ecommerce shops to local service based businesses which all experience tremendous growth due to his SEM/SEO abilities and resources. Recently, he and his team helped manage a PPC campaign that was nominated in the US Search Awards for best PPC Campaign in 2014. If you'd like to connect with Sergio, visit his Linkedin page, blog or head over to his website, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping business owners with questions related to search engine optimization and marketing.

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