Increase Productivity with Infographics – Facts Everyone Should be Talking About


That is where you create an informatively friendly presentation in picture to share with a targeted segment of individuals.

However, did you know that these little gems can increase your brand’s productivity?

They can, here’s how.

Business Work Flow

Within the structure of business there are 4 major types of people.  While distinctly different, their involvement is essential to the entire buying experience.

They are:

  1. Customers / Clients
  2. Companies / Businesses
  3. Teams / Work Groups
  4. Individuals

Any one person can and often will belong to more than one of the above categories but their involvement is distinctly different within each category.

Great, but this article is supposed to be about increasing productivity by using infographics.  And it is, keep reading.

Customers / Clients

Using the power of an infographic you can guide your audience through pivotal steps that you would like them to take in order to complete certain processes. 

1. Branding

For example, say you want your followers to clearly understand your mission, goals and reason for being.  Why not outline this within an infographic and share the details with them.  Empowering your audience’s ability to clearly understand your message will typically increase the productivity of their buying habits.

2. Design

Of course, to position your brand on the Web you need a blog and/or website.  Making sure your message is complete within the content from images to articles and beyond, will result in greater conformity to your purposes by those who are following you. 

Do you want them to follow a certain process within the buying cycle?  Layout the details in an informative infographic and place it in a position where they can’t help but find it.  When your audience has increased confidence that they can easily follow a process, the result is that more of them will be glad to follow your guidance.

3. Building

Building a strong core for your branded message does not stop with just your internal properties.  Social media sites like:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Are also critical to have in place.

When your audience finds you in these different locations, you will find them paying more attention to you. Given that the sales cycle typically takes 3 to 7 touches before a purchasing decision is made, the productivity of sales will correspondingly increase.

This is especially so if you are walking them through potentially difficult to understand areas with infographics that identify exactly what steps to take and how to take them in order to accomplish the process at hand.

4. Engagement

Now that you have your brand defined. 

Now that you have your operating based established.

Now that you have everything in place.


Let your customers know that you are real.

On the web this can be done in a variety of ways including answering comments both in eMail and on the various properties that you are managing.

But don’t stop there.  Instead: Like, Retweet, Share

Your audience will see that you can and begin spending more and more time interacting with you, your site offerings and the strategically placed infographics which pave the way to their being a successful customer and/or client.

5. Networking

All this engagement creates your online networking opportunities which is also known as social networking when working with social media properties.

However, networking does not happen just online.  There are local area networking meetings too.  These people also respond better when they understand exactly how to work with you.  Why not print out your digital infographics and distribute them when it is your time to speak within the confines of such meetups?

I have delved deep into the customer mindset.  Reason is, without them you don’t have a business.  Now let’s turn to internal concepts within the framework of your company.


Every successful company has core elements to its makeup.  These can include, but are certainly not limited to:

  1. Integrity
  2. Communication
  3. Mission
  4. Goals
  5. Unity

Infographics can increase the integrity of your company internally by clearly establishing essential protocols and procedures.  When communicating to everyone through the power of an infographic the synergy of everyone involved can remain cohesively whole.

When everyone is working together as a unified team more simply gets done. That more is your mission which an infographic can clearly and concisely define.

One way of ensuring that the infographic does define your mission is to create the graphic based on goals. Let’s say you have 5 goals to accomplish this year in order to achieve success with remaining loyal to your mission.  Put these 5 points and your corresponding mission into the infographic and make sure everyone has it.

This unified front will decrease confusion and increase productivity.

Teams / Work Groups

As a company, you have empowered your various groups to go out and get their piece of the puzzle into place.  This all happens with the clarity that was created through the power of infographics.  Thus, all teams and work groups will begin to benefit in key ways, including – but not limited to:

  1. Structure
  2. Process
  3. Synergy
  4. Contribution
  5. Dynamics

As your team understands the structure outlined within the mission company infographics, they will be able to understand their key contributions and carry them forward with greater productivity. 

This process in motion amongst all the separate teams within the organization will have all the separate think tanks working together with strong synergy.

That synergy will be realized internally as well as externally as each team does its part within the entire process. Their separate contributions will remain intact with other work cells as outlined within the processes and procedures of the mission infographic, thereby strengthening the production of everyone involved.

HOT TIP:  Infographics can easily extend beyond goals and mission statements related to the company. Determine where people need additional help and create an infographic around the processes and procedures involved. The greater your creativity within the infographic process, the stronger associated team will be able to respond to its message.

As the contribution from each individual team adds to the synergy of the whole, those at the helm will be able to see what works as well as where areas of improvement exist. 

The dynamics of everyone’s involvement from their perspective areas leads to the productivity of all. And to think that this positive synergy can be initiated, guided, fueled and realigned for productivity through well positioned and designed infographics.


  • Customers and clients are them.
  • Companies and businesses have them.
  • Teams and work groups are made up of them.

And if you’re not one then you have no reason to be reading this article.  Given the fact that you continue to read means that you have conformed to the elements required for transfer details from one entity to another.  That element is called reading.

  1. Conformity
  2. Order
  3. Convenience
  4. Organization

Same can be done with infographics. In fact, an infographic can communicate your message much more effectively than the written word alone. 

This results in the ability to bring order from chaos leading to increased productivity at every level of your company’s required processes and procedures.

Another pivotal difference between handing someone a textual process model compared to an infographic is convenience. That convenience stems from the ability to carry out the outlined duties as well as being able to quickly reference the associated details involved.

As each individual’s experience is positively impacted by the resulting organization everyone’s productivity will increase. It matters not how we look at this equation. 

Individuals, teams and businesses run smoother when everyone clearly understands their own separate rolls. As your operations increase in productivity, this will be seen by those outside and lead to their own form of productivity enhancement often seen within an increased ROI.

Closing Thoughts About Increasing Productivity with Infographics

As should be clearly seen at this point, infographics have great power in increasing productivity.  How you choose to implement their abilities within your operations is the only question remaining.

So, what will you do?

Leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below and let’s brainstorm your success together.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

Author: Guy Siverson

Guy Siverson – Author, Blogger and Online Marketer. He has been a celebrated Online SEO Strategist since the early 90’s. Guy’s greatest joys are his family, friends and helping educate, inspire and motivate others by writing, coaching & speaking engagements targeting success in entrepreneurial careers of others. -- Contact 702-439-4766

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks heaps, Guy. I’ve been following this blog and implementing everything that I can and it has made a huge difference to my business competing against some of the big boys with way more money to throw around than me. I never knew infographics could bring more productivity to my business.

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