New Features in AWR Cloud: Events Center

Note: This article also refers to the AWR Website Auditor, a feature that is no longer available in AWR Cloud.

Hey guys, AWR Cloud has just been updated, and a few extra features are now available in the application. The main item introduced today is the brand new “Events Center.”

This all-in-one menu collects and reports all the major events that affect your AWR Cloud websites from here on. It can be used to monitor website changes, updates, as well as to alert you of potential problems with third-party connections.

Events Center

The event center is structured into multiple categories, and here’s the complete events list:


  • new on-demand ranking update
  • new website auditor crawl
  • new social metrics
  • new Google Analytics metrics
  • new Google Webmaster Tools metrics
  • new Google AdWords values


  • new, modified, deleted or problems with your Google Analytics accounts
  • new, modified, deleted or problems with your Google Webmaster Tools accounts
  • new, modified, deleted or problems with your Facebook pages
  • new, modified, deleted or problems with Twitter profiles


  • new scheduled or manual report available
  • new scheduled or manual report awaiting approval


  • new export available


  • new, deleted or modified projects
    • added or deleted keywords in a project
    • added or deleted keyword groups in a project
    • added or deleted search engines in a project
    • added or deleted competitors in a project
  • user management events
    • invited users
    • users accepting invitation
    • promoted/demoted users
    • resources allowed/disallowed for user


  • modified account whitelabel settings

How is this helpful?

Each category is useful in its own way, as most of these events would previously go unnoticed and you had to manually check each individual website to see if metrics have been gathered or if any changes have been made.

To avoid these manual tasks, events will now help you pinpoint crucial information about your AWR Cloud projects and alert you when you have to take action.

For example, the Updates category will let you know each time new metrics from Google Analytics, Search Console and AdWords are available, as well as fresh Social data. Manual and scheduled website audits are also listed here, as well as alerts about complete on-demand updates.

The Connections tab is the place to go when you are experiencing sync issues with third-party apps. All existing problems and recent changes will be listed here, and you can take action and correct the situation to avoid delays in gathering your data.

The Reports and Exports tabs will monitor and display your report’s availability, and prompt you when action is needed for approving reports. This should sound familiar to you, as this was already included in our existing notifications section.

Another fantastic way to monitor website changes is the Resources tab. And for account owners and admins that share the AWR Cloud account with team members, this is where you will identify changes made by your users (including deleted and added websites, keyword and search engine changes), alongside a history of your own changes.

This way you can have a history of your project’s changes and avoid potential misconfigurations that will lead to incorrect/incomplete ranking data, for example.

Under the same event category, all user management actions will be saved as well. Each time a user is invited, promoted, demoted or assigned to projects, the action is logged and an overview of the events becomes available for account owners and admins that manage user permissions.

In addition to these categories, the Miscellaneous tab will keep track of changes made to your account’s whitelabel settings. This becomes useful if you’re experimenting with different configurations.

This is our first version of the Events Center. In time, we are looking to improve and expand the feature, so any ideas or feedback from you, our users, would really come in handy, so drop us a line at anytime you want to share your thoughts!

In addition to the events center, a few reports’ improvements have been implemented:

  • Quick reports can now be easily converted into regular reports, unlocking the full customization and scheduling features available in AWR Cloud’s reports.
  • Reports will now be able to use variables in their titles, making it easy for you to customize them for your clients.
  • More keyword grouping options are now available in your reports’ settings, allowing you to split your keyword pool by branded and unbranded terms, in addition to splitting them by keyword group.
  • We have added a traceable URL for reports sent to AWR Cloud users, giving you the possibility to see if a client has accessed their reports; for now, this feature doesn’t work for email recipients that are not invited as users in your AWR Cloud account.
  • Report generation time stamps are now available in the UI, in the Reports – Master Reports section. Both scheduled and manual reports will display a ‘last sent’ information, making sure you’re always informed about your report’s’ status.

This is it for now! These changes were all designed to help you get all the information you need about your AWR Cloud projects and reports, and I’m curious to know how you feel about these improvements. Feel free to send me some feedback in the comment section below – I’d be happy to get back to you!

Author: Ade Vitan

Ade Vitan is managing the Quality Assurance team at Advanced Web Ranking. She would love it if you'd get in touch with her over Twitter for a chat about the industry’s latest trends.

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