Many SEOs jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon when it first appeared in 2010 because it offered a wealth of free do-follow links.

Even though Pinterest now uses rel=nofollow, except for the link in your bio, it still has potential to generate benefits for your online business, just in a different way. Pinterest is an excellent platform to drive targeted traffic to your site, but only if used correctly.

First, a few questions to make sure Pinterest is right for your business.

Can you breakdown your services or products into images?
Determine whether your products are something pinners would want to pin on their personal boards. Your services need to be communicated in an attractive visual format on your business’ Pinterest boards and on the company’s website for people to be able to pin them.

You can download the pin it button for your website here.

Are your potential customers on Pinterest?
Seventy percent of the Pinterest audience is female and the majority is between the ages of 25 and 64, according to Nielsen. While some brands are targeting males or females in particular, others are non-gender, such as a background check investigation company. For the latter, the decision to use Pinterest is not that obvious. It requires a thoughtful analysis to determine whether it’s worth their investment or not.

Think of aspects of your company and products these women would like to learn and share. For the private investigations company it could be: how to protect your privacy, ways to get a background check on a nanny, or questions you should always ask a babysitter before hiring.

You could write an article on the company blog accompanied by an image or meme that captures the essence of the topic. Also, think about whether these pins would translate back into sales for this target market. If yes, then go for it!The average Pinterest account

Do your competitors have a presence on Pinterest?
If you truly want to be successful on Pinterest, you have to do your research on competitors, understand what works and doesn’t work, and who your most influential pinners are or could be.

You’re not going to see instant turnaround on Pinterest. It takes time to create shareable content; and a lot of it! You also need to monitor your referrals and check if Pinterest is generating revenue or just a higher bounce rate and then figure out how to make it better.

Make Pinterest effective

Conversions come in many ways, shapes and styles though they always end in one form. Keep in mind the end goal may be money but there are multiple chutes and ladders to getting there and you should find the best one for your company.

1) The “Real”
Pinterest is a chance for your company to become “real” and build your customers’ trust even more.

Your Pinterest board should have more than just your products and services. It should be a collection of who you are as a brand. Chobani does an excellent job with their persona and they have close to 60K followers on Pinterest.

Make sure to also follow and interact with other pinners through repins, comments and likes. It’s a two way street to success. If you’re invested in them, they will be more willing to check out your products.

Create on your board an even mixture of pins from your site, other non-competitive sites, and repins to keep your profile surprising and interesting.

2) The Shortcut
It’s a company’s dream to have their customers spread great reviews about their products to friends, creating thus new customers. But in order for Pinterest to help this happen, you first need to have a “pin it” button for all your products on your website. If you don’t have that, the chances your content would end up being pinned by your visitors are quite low and your Pinterest strategy bound for failure.

Think of these buttons as an easy way for your customer to put a gold star next to your product and tell all their friends about it.

To encourage even more your current customers to share the products they like on Pinterest, add a pop-up during check out that asks your customer to share their purchase on Pinterest.

3) The Push
Invest time and effort in building an audience for your Pinterest boards. Once you have a small following, you can use a contest or special offer to encourage your followers to spread the word about your company and lead your potential customers to your Pinterest page.

4) The Reminder
It’s important not to get discouraged if you don’t immediately see a rise in conversions from Pinterest. Many pinners are pinning items they eventually want to purchase so it might take awhile before the actual conversion.

At this point, think of Pinterest as reinforcement. When pinners go exploring, your timely pins should send notes of inspiration, creative ways to use the product, and related humor to continuously remind them of your product and why they desperately need it.

Tip: Holidays are a great time to send out these reminder pins as pinners are actively seeking what to buy their loved ones.

5) The Loyal
Pinners should feel like they own your brand so do not hesitate to encourage pinners to interact and get creative with your products. Their followers will join in on the fun, which will boost interest in your products and create brand loyalty.

Focus on finding pinners with a large number of followers who might be interested in being one of your brand’s mavens. Send them a sample product or think of a creative way to make those pinners love your brand.

Don’t be constrained to just these five ways to enhance your Pinterest boards, be creative and have fun because if you are enjoying what you pin your potential customer will too.

Below are a few Pinterest tools to help you get started in researching and evaluating your Pinterest strategy:

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

  1. ‘Many pinners are pinning items they eventually want to purchase so it might take awhile before the actual conversion.”

    Thank you for pointing this out. Using Pinterest for business, like other social platforms doesn’t automatically mean an increase in sales. Social media is used to build awareness of your brand, your products, and your services. It takes your followers heading over to your site to become a conversion. However, the more you offer for Pinterest, the more your chances are of having someone click through to your website.

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