Conversion rate optimization is about making your visitors interact more with your website and perfecting the process of converting them into customers or subscribers.

It’s about emulating your website on your visitors behavior.

It’s about anticipating what they think, what they need and what they desire, and give them just that.

The first and the most important tool you have for achieving that are your WORDS.

All the other methods are useless if your message is wrong.

Talk your visitors through the conversion funnel!

1. Advertise your content

The first condition for your visitors to convert is to be the right visitors. This means that the better you explain what is that you do on your website, the better you will manage to attract and select the visitors that are really interested in your domain. Therefore it is extremely important to polish to perfection your adds(for paid traffic), to choose relevant keywords (for organic traffic) and to set compelling anchor texts (for referrer traffic).

2. Don’t scare people away

What people see in the first few seconds since their arrival to your website is critical in determining whether they bounce or continue the navigation. Therefore it has to be a confirmation to the fact that they did find what they where looking for.

Also, make sure that the add message and your page’s content are following the same idea.

You can’t expect for people to read tons of texts to get what you do and what your website is about. So, even if you could talk for days about the advantages your visitors get from you, about how great and awesome you are, limit yourself to the minimum text possible. It’s better to make it clear, concise and compelling. People will find it easier to read, won’t get scared or bored and you will have more chances of achieving your purpose.

3. Be wise and make a strategy

Once you have managed to make the visitors stay a while, it’s time to enchant them.

Recap all the problems your visitors came to solve, press those buttons that remind them once again how deeply their life is affected by these problems and how good it would be to solve them. Imagine for them a life without these issues but with a lot of other benefits.

All that is meant to awaken and increase the desire in your visitors minds.

At this stage, they are ready to act.

4. One last, indispensable step

That feeling of enthusiasm of your visitors is perishable so you don’t have time to waste. You must take the visitors all the way through and convert them!

Even if they want to say “Yes”, even if they like what they’ve seen, without a specific call to action, they won’t know what to do next, and only to few of them will eventually convert.

So, if you don’t want to settle for “a few”, you must be explicit and quick. Make your call to action so visible and incentive like it would shout out loud “Just, do it!”.

My point is, that, once again, content is king!

Do you have any conversion optimization secrets you would like to share? Let the words flow in the comments section below or make a short and quick tweet.

Photo credit: Steve & Jemma Copley

  1. Great thoughts. I would add that you need to test your way through the conversion. That’s – continuously test the content on essential landing pages. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for pointing this out, Dragos

      Testing is indeed essential for understanding the efficiency of your landing pages. It gives you the feedback you need to adjust your message to the visitor’s needs and create the best performing copy.

      In fact, not just the content of your landing pages must be tested, but also the design, layout, structure and every item on your pages that would help your visitors convert.

  2. To optimize conversions, your landing pages must be very targeted. This means that the headline, the copy, the offer, the call to action, the images must be relevant to the particular target audience.

    Your target audience could be different, depending on the channels (search, social media, print ads).

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