Build Your Startup Success – How to Combine Promotion Methods

Nowadays, launching your own startup business is truly possible and attainable. The current marketplace conditions are very attractive for those who wish to make a name within the industry.

Pay attention, possible and attainable doesn’t mean easy or fast. In fact, to be honest – most contemporary startups tend to fail. To be more precise, 90% of startups fail, while the successful 10% become pretty… successful.

Did that scare you? Good. It should!

You see… nowadays, 13-year-olds become masters in the digital marketplace. Their skills (no matter what they are) are turned into products and businesses.

The competition is becoming fierce, and that’s something you should always keep in mind. Launching a startup today would be a much better choice than launching it tomorrow!

Victor Larsen, Digital Marketing Specialist at AssignmentMasters suggests that: “Launching your business today is easy because you get access to unlimited information and resources. On the other side, things become harder because of the lack of quality information.”

The internet is like a huge ocean from which you only need 10% of the fish. That’s usually the percent of quality information and resources that you’re searching for throughout your researching efforts.

Here’s What the 10% of Startups Do to Be Successful

Successful startups always provide big value. The value which comes from their products or/and services is dependent on the promotion strategies. So in order for a startup to work, it must contain a quality offer and good marketing results.

Finding the right promotion strategies for your own business could be quite difficult. The budget might be tight, and your efforts don’t seem to pay off. What do you do?

Well, according to CB insights, 29% of startups fail because of the lack of funds. They either consume it on the wrong marketing campaigns, or they simply run out of money.

Focus Your Time and Effort on Effective Marketing

In case you’re just launching your startup, it’s good that you’re educating yourself before and not after the launch. In order to improve your odds of success, you should start off with the proper promotion strategies.

Knowing and planning what you have to do is always important, as it’ll save you a lot of time along the way. Not only that, but it’ll also keep failure far away from your business.

Here are the core startup promotion strategies that must be part of your marketing plan:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. SEO Marketing
  4. E-mail Marketing

The thing is… in order to boost your odds of flooding your startup project with followers and customers, you should combine these promotion strategies into a whole comprehensive strategy.

During today’s post, we’ll take a look at how each of these strategies connects with each other.

In addition, you’ll also receive lots of useful insights that could lead to strong ideas for your startup. Pay close attention and please apply at least half of what you learn here.

Content Marketing

If you’re into online marketing, you probably understand the statement “Content is king”. And to be honest, I also believe that content is actually king. Why?

Since 2006, the inbound marketing concept has gained plenty of attention. Marketers started to change their marketing approach.

If in the past they used to bombard people with ads, commercials and basically aggressive marketing – today, all types of companies are opting for an “educational marketing” which consists in educating the prospect and expecting for a sale later.

That’s basically what “content marketing” means: educating your audience so that you earn their attention and trust. When you provide value through information while also keeping your marketing purpose in mind, you influence the prospect to take action towards your recommendations.

But I digress…

Content marketing is basically linked to social media, SEO, and also E-mail marketing. These are all sections of this post, and the best promotion strategies which you should leverage for your startup.

Here are some ways you could combine these five altogether while focusing on content:

  • Your articles should be shared on the most popular social networks. (Content + Social Media)
  • Your blog posts should be created in an SEO-friendly way, so you can get organic traffic. (Content + SEO)
  • Your content marketing strategy should not aggressively sell. Instead, it should allow you to create and maintain a closer relationship with your prospects. That is why you must convince them to sign-up to your e-mail list.
  • If you decide to go for paid advertising, you can adapt it to the other strategies by choosing the right landing place for your paid traffic. It’s your choice whether you direct him to an incentive (so he will sign-up to get it) or directly to the sales page.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a strategic tool which serves smart marketers very well. Most people spend time on their social media networks. Conversation, photos, videos, content… you name it!

Social media could be a goldmine for business owners and marketers like us. These networks allow us to develop our brand image through their “body”. The profile page (no matter what specific network it is) is the presentation of your brand.

The sharing, tweeting, pinning, liking and so on… these are powerful distribution ways which allow us to perform our content marketing campaigns with much more ease. All the educational information you distribute leads to more brand awareness and startup success.

Social media influencers should also be on top of your mind when launching the startup. Who else would promote your products better than “famous people”?

By famous I mean with hundreds of thousands of followers. It can be fewer, though, and it would be as effective. You can grab the attention of hundreds of possibly interested customers by leveraging the popularity of influencers.

Social signals (likes, shares, tweets, pins) are also influencing your website’s search engine rankings. It’ll rank your pages higher, therefore you’ll get more organic traffic.

Also, through the use of different social media channels, you can find and connect with various industry leaders and like-minded businesspeople. Create relationships and take your startup to the next level.

SEO Marketing

SEO never dies, and it’s always going to be relevant. If you’re starting a business, you’re looking for a market. You’re also looking for the specific ways to grab the attention of your possible customers.

The most targeted traffic comes through search engines. The reason is obvious…

When people specifically search for answers through Google, it’s obvious that they need something. It could be a problem that they need to fix or a need which they want to fulfill. If your business name and description comes up in front of their eyes, you won.

Today, in order to rank high in the SERPs, you need good content. This should be optimized as best as possible towards an SEO-friendly content style.

Your SEO on-page optimization must be impeccable. No broken links, good meta tags, and all that comes with your website’s “health” condition.

Do you want to rank even higher? Seek for high authority backlinks! You can obtain those by networking and guest posting mainly. You can submit high-quality content to authoritative websites within your niche. If they accept, they’ll leave a few links that lead back to your website.

This means SEO rankings and direct traffic. And lastly, as I mentioned before, your rankings are definitely influenced by your social media presence. In case your articles get distributed and liked a lot, search engines will notice that, and will count it as relevancy.

Do not forget to pay attention to your metrics. You should always track your traffic in order to stay on the right path. When you see problems, you take the necessary measures and optimize the campaign.

Email Marketing

If someone would ask me what was the biggest mistake I made when I first started, the answer is pretty simple. I didn’t create an e-mail list for my business. It seemed liked a lot of hustle, lots of content, so much effort. You can imagine how wrong that turned out…

My startup failed. I wasn’t attracting enough visitors in order to make decent sales, and I had no database of subscribers to talk to. Later on, I realized that ”the money is in the list” and I kept it that way since then.

You should start building an e-mail list before launching your marketing campaigns. Why? Because every person that comes to your website is going to be lost in a matter of minutes – forever!

But if you give them something and ask them to stay for longer (join your e-mail list), that’s a win. Always build your e-mail list BEFORE the big launch.

Through content marketing, you can achieve great numbers of e-mail subscribers. Use your blog posts in order to make people want to subscribe for more information. Promise exclusive information for those who join the exclusive newsletter. They’ll come, you’ll see.

The most efficient sales funnels are performed with the use of e-mail marketing. That’s because when someone repeatedly reads your e-mails, that person is definitely interested in what you have to offer.

Be it advice or products, your e-mail subscriber will trust you more than they do your competitors – because he’s your loyal follower, not theirs.


When it comes to success in startups, no one can guarantee it for you. Instead, here’s what I promise you – if you start learning and practicing these strategies in detail, you’re starting off on the right foot.

Successful startups totally depend on the results of their marketing campaigns. If there’s no one to witness the wonder you’ve created, what’s the use?

Combine these five core promotion strategies in the best ways you can, and add twists to your own business. Now you have the secret. Happy development!

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

Author: Mary Kleim

Mary Kleim is a creative writer and a digital expert. She has been working in digital marketing and keeping all the trends for 5 years. At the moment she is working both as a freelancer and stuff worker for several companies. And also she shares her experience with the Internet community.

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