CTR Stats – Changes Report for May

Following our latest CTR database update, the clickthrough rate evolution was quite steady as opposed to other months comparison. The changes affected some search intent queries and a bit more than a handful of industries.

So here’s how the CTR values are shaping up when comparing May against April update:

On search intent

Websites ranked first for commercial queries made from desktop recorded a 1.6% decrease in CTR.

As for informational intent queries, websites ranking on the first position for mobile searches registered a 1.16% decrease in CTR.

For local intent queries made from mobile devices, websites ranked 1st witnessed a 1.02% decrease in clickthrough rate.

On industries

May’s industry with the highest changes was the Retailers & General Merchandise one. Here, websites ranked 1st on desktop searches recorded a 3.57% loss in CTR while those ranked 2nd dropped in CTR by 2.12%.

Click through rate; Retailers & General Merchandise market.
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There was quite an eventful month for the Internet & Telecom industry, too, starring the websites ranked 1st on desktop searches who registered a 1.59% decrease in CTR. At the same time, on mobile searches, websites ranked 1st experienced a 1.42% decrease, while the ones ranked second, a 1.43% drop in CTR.

As for the Law & Government industry, on desktop searches, websites ranked first decreased by 1.04% in CTR, while on mobile searches, websites ranked second and third recorded a 1.51% and respectively, a 1.06% drop in CTR.

Finance industry CTR values were affected, as well, on both desktop and mobile searches. Websites ranked 1st on desktop searches dropped by 1.67% in CTR, while on mobile, websites ranked 1st recorded a 1.53% decrease and those ranked 2nd recorded a 1.01% loss in CTR.

A similar trend was registered for the Occasions & Gifts market, where, on desktop searches, websites ranked 1st noticed a 1.67% drop in CTR.

Click through rate, Occasions and Gifts market.
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Another industry that experienced CTR fluctuations was Arts & Entertainment: websites ranked 1st recorded a 1.6% decrease in CTR on desktop searches, and 1.3% drop on mobile devices.

Apparel industry was also affected by the changes in CTR, witnessing a 2.42% drop for websites ranked 1st and a 1.07% decrease for the websites ranked 2nd on desktop searches. The decrease could be observed for the mobile queries, too, as the websites ranked first lost 1.42% in CTR when compared to the previous month.

Same goes with the Travel & Tourism industry. Websites ranked 1st registered a 1.41% drop in CTR on desktop searches.

That’s all for…May

When looking back, there’s a single word which can describe the CTR most significant changes from April to May: drops.

So how about you? Have you noticed any drops in traffic due to a CTR decrease in your website’s industry? AWR can help you with this, by comparing your own keywords’ and websites’ CTR against the industry benchmarks. Take it for a spin, it’s free! 🙂

And I’ll see you next month with new clickthrough rate insights 🙂

Author: Dan Popa

Dan Popa is an Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon. He is passionate about both Online and Offline Marketing and he's always looking for new ways of applying the basic principles of marketing in the fast-evolving SEO field. He's always in a mood to chat about new creative ideas for campaigns, so you can find him on Twitter.

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