Following our latest CTR database update, the clickthrough rate evolution was quite steady as opposed to other months comparison. The changes affected some search intent queries and a bit more than a handful of industries.

So here’s how the CTR values are shaping up when comparing May against April update:

On search intent

Websites ranked first for commercial queries made from desktop recorded a 1.6% decrease in CTR.

As for informational intent queries, websites ranking on the first position for mobile searches registered a 1.16% decrease in CTR.

For local intent queries made from mobile devices, websites ranked 1st witnessed a 1.02% decrease in clickthrough rate.

On industries

May’s industry with the highest changes was the Retailers & General Merchandise one. Here, websites ranked 1st on desktop searches recorded a 3.57% loss in CTR while those ranked 2nd dropped in CTR by 2.12%.

Click through rate; Retailers & General Merchandise market.
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There was quite an eventful month for the Internet & Telecom industry, too, starring the websites ranked 1st on desktop searches who registered a 1.59% decrease in CTR. At the same time, on mobile searches, websites ranked 1st experienced a 1.42% decrease, while the ones ranked second, a 1.43% drop in CTR.

As for the Law & Government industry, on desktop searches, websites ranked first decreased by 1.04% in CTR, while on mobile searches, websites ranked second and third recorded a 1.51% and respectively, a 1.06% drop in CTR.

Finance industry CTR values were affected, as well, on both desktop and mobile searches. Websites ranked 1st on desktop searches dropped by 1.67% in CTR, while on mobile, websites ranked 1st recorded a 1.53% decrease and those ranked 2nd recorded a 1.01% loss in CTR.

A similar trend was registered for the Occasions & Gifts market, where, on desktop searches, websites ranked 1st noticed a 1.67% drop in CTR.

Click through rate, Occasions and Gifts market.
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Another industry that experienced CTR fluctuations was Arts & Entertainment: websites ranked 1st recorded a 1.6% decrease in CTR on desktop searches, and 1.3% drop on mobile devices.

Apparel industry was also affected by the changes in CTR, witnessing a 2.42% drop for websites ranked 1st and a 1.07% decrease for the websites ranked 2nd on desktop searches. The decrease could be observed for the mobile queries, too, as the websites ranked first lost 1.42% in CTR when compared to the previous month.

Same goes with the Travel & Tourism industry. Websites ranked 1st registered a 1.41% drop in CTR on desktop searches.

That’s all for…May

When looking back, there’s a single word which can describe the CTR most significant changes from April to May: drops.

So how about you? Have you noticed any drops in traffic due to a CTR decrease in your website’s industry? AWR can help you with this, by comparing your own keywords’ and websites’ CTR against the industry benchmarks. Take it for a spin, it’s free! 🙂

And I’ll see you next month with new clickthrough rate insights 🙂

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