The latest CTR data pulled from millions of keywords in June shows some interesting insights on how the organic traffic is being distributed among the top positions. These fluctuations affected branded searches, 2-word queries, informational and location intent queries and, as usual, some industries.

Here’s how the interpretation of these trends look like when comparing June CTR data to the one retrieved in May:

On all searches

Websites ranked first on desktop searches registered a 0.86% decrease in CTR, while on mobile results, it happened quite the opposite: there was a 0.8% increase in clickthrough rate.

On branded searches 

Only mobile searches were affected, seeing the 1st ranked websites gaining 1.6 percentage in CTR.

click through rate, mobile searches.
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On long tail searches 

2 word queries were affected, more precisely, websites ranked 1st experienced a 1.1% drop in CTR on desktop searches and a 0.81% boost on searches made from mobile devices.

On search intent

Websites ranked first for informational intent queries recorded a 1.75% increase in CTR on desktop searches, while on mobile, the growth equalled 1.41%.

click through rate, informational intent queries.
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As for the location searches, websites ranked 1st recorded a 1.76% drop on desktop searches, while on mobile, their CTR increased, on average,  with 3.39%.

On industries

June’s highest increase came from the Dining & Nightlife industry. Here, websites ranked first on desktop searches recorded a 4.13% increase in CTR.

click through rate, keywords dining & nightlife industry.
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Compared to the previous month, Retailers & General Merchandise industry noticed an increase in CTR in June. Therefore, websites ranked 1st on desktop queries grew with 2.53% in CTR, while those ranked 2nd witnessed a 1.21% increase. On mobile, websites ranked third noticed a 1.18% growth, while those on the 4th position in SERPs, experienced a 2.46% gain in CTR.

After 2 months of being stable, the CTR values in the Real Estate industry dropped again. Websites ranked first dropped with 1.87% on desktop searches and with 1.75% on searches made from mobile devices.

Something similar happened in the Sports & Fitness industry, where websites ranked first recorded 1.64% and 1.66% drops for desktop and mobile searches, respectively.

click through rate, keywords sports and fitness industry.
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Home & Garden industry was also affected by the CTR fluctuations, with websites ranked 1st losing 1.9% in clickthrough rate on desktop searches and 1.22% on mobile ones.

As for the Apparel industry, its downward trend has persisted, since May this year. Hence, websites ranked first recorded 1.55% loss in CTR on desktop searches and 1.61% loss on mobile queries.

Last but not least, Occasions & Gifts industry stabilized on mobile, while continued dropping on desktop, where websites ranked 1st dropped with 2.09% in CTR.

That’s all for…June

Now up to you: have you noticed any fluctuations in traffic for your top ranking keywords in June? And do you benchmark your CTR values against the ones specific for your industry? AWR does this pretty well, I could say 🙂

See you next month with fresh CTR updates! 🙂

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