Compared to March, there are quite some interesting April clickthrough rate variations registered by our CTR tool. These changes impact top ranking websites’ CTR on all searches and we’ll drill down on the most affected queries, such as un-branded, long tail, specific intent queries and some industry specific ones.

Here’s how each of the above categories’ CTR shape up in April when compared to March values:

All searches:

Overall, websites ranked 1st experienced a 1% decrease in CTR on desktop searches and 0.96% on mobile queries.

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Unbranded queries:

Websites ranked 1st for searches without a keyword that is contained in the domain name registered a drop in CTR. More precisely, for queries made from desktop, the CTR dropped by 1.92%, while for the queries made from mobile devices, the drop equalled 1.7%.

Long tail queries:

Websites ranked 1st in SERPs triggered by 3+ words queries witnessed a 3.2% decrease in CTR on desktop queries and a 2.41% CTR decrease on bsearches.

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Search intent:

For informational intent queries (defined as having the following words in the keyword: what, when, where, how, restaurant, hotel, flight, news, etc.), websites ranked 1st registered a decrease in CTR (by 1.87% on desktop and by 1.99% on mobile).

Something similar occurred with the websites ranked 1st for commercial intent queries*: their CTR dropped, on average, by 2.26% on desktop searches and by 2.72% on mobile results.

*defined as having the following words in the keyword: buy, purchase, cheap, pricing, etc.

However, from the search intent’s point of view, April’s highest changes affected the location searches (defined as having the following words in the keyword: near, nearby, from, directions, airport, route, maps etc.). Therefore, the websites ranked 1st decreased by 4.2% in CTR on desktop searches and by 3.43% on queries made from mobile devices.


April’s winning industry can be considered the Home & Garden one. Here, websites ranked 1st noticed a boost in CTR by 4.99% for desktop searches and by 2.52% for mobile ones.

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At the opposite pole lays the Finance industry, where websites ranked first recorded a 4.72% decrease on desktop searches and a 5.06% on searches made from mobile devices.

On the other hand, Dining & Nightlife industry experienced a steady growth in CTR for top 3 ranked websites on desktop searches (9.45%).

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As for the Occasions & Gifts industry, websites ranked on first place increased in CTR by 3.29% on desktop searches and by 1.87% on mobile.

A small change affected the Vehicles industry, as well, for the queries made from desktop. Therefore, websites ranked 1st increased by 1.31% in CTR, while those ranked second experienced a 1.19% decrease.

Last but not least, Jobs & Education market experienced a decrease in CTR for websites ranked 1st, by -1.07% on desktop searches and by -1.47% on searches made from mobile devices.

That’s it for…April

April had its ups and downs from the CTR perspective, so I’m wondering how these changes affected your websites. Make sure to leave your comments in the section down below.

And see you next month with more CTR updates! 🙂

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