Work is an important part of our lives.

It gives us fulfillment, it makes us push our limits and sometimes work makes us angry. But in the end, it actually makes us happy.

And, of course, we shouldn’t forget that work, gets paid!

So, it is important !$!$!$  😀

When you are relying on a software to do your job with, that piece of software becomes important and choosing it is a serious task. You can’t be foolish and risk your job, because you didn’t had the patience or the determination to choose the proper software to use for your work.

Be aware, bad things can happen!

And to prove this to you, check out these five scary questions below:

1. Have I lost everything I’ve worked?

Now that’s a spooky thought!!!

But not if you back up your work from once in awhile, right?

I’ll give you two strong reasons for why you should ALWAYS back-up your work:

1. Historical data is extremely important as a great amount of the analysis is based on it. So loosing your data would mean not being able to report anything compared to previous periods of time.

2. Loosing your clients data would not only mean loosing all your hard work but it would also mean disappointing your clients. It could damage your future work, your future incomes and your clients future incomes. It would be close to a tragedy.

2. Are my clients not trusting me?

Trust is essential between you and your clients, because otherwise you wouldn’t have access to all the details you need from your clients, you wouldn’t manage to get them to collaborate with you and you wouldn’t be appreciated for what you do.

So, if you are serious about your work you must provide data privacy for your clients. Some of them might not even agree to work with you unless you are confidential about their information. This means that the software you choose must store the data securely and allow only authorized access to it.

3. Am I using outdated information?

Are you sure the numbers and the information you give to your clients is real? Because, you know, errors are not allowed!

You can’t afford to provide your clients with inaccurate data if you are determined to keep your reputation clean. So make sure that the software you use gets frequently updated and the results it provides are accurate.

4. Am I stuck at this stage?

If you spend so much time and effort to choose a software (not to mention money) it might
as well be for the long run. So make sure it works on any platform, not only the one you use right now (considering the possibility to change it). Look also for applications that allow data exporting, multiple users and shared database.

5. Oh! You mean, I can’t do that?!

I bet you have been many times disappointed by an application you have put your hopes in and that proves to be not so very useful.

So, look carefully and don’t settle for a crappy software! It might be pretty, all colored and stuff but what you need from it is to do ITS JOB!!

Make sure it has all the features you need for your work and that it allows you to get the information you want out of it. You must be able to have it work for you in the way you need to!

Have I managed to frighten you?

Or are there other scariest things I have missed ? Share them with us! (Don’t forget that you can also talk to us on Twitter!)

Photo credit: Stefan Baudy

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