New Features in AWR Cloud: UI changes and improvements

Hey guys! After adding some new major improvements to Cloud a few months back, our team continued to focus on various UI changes aimed at improving user experience.

Some of the tweaks released today will definitely improve your AWR Cloud workflow and help you make the most out of the existing features that you’ve grown to love.

Here’s what’s new:

1. Add new website wizard: all the information you need to create your projects, in one simple flow

Though the functionality and codebase behind it remain pretty much the same, the visuals have changed entirely, replacing the horizontal steps with one seamless vertical workflow. This is the first contact between you, the users, and our software. And we want it to be as good and as complete as possible.

New Website Wizard AWR Cloud

One of the most overlooked features of AWR Cloud is its ability to track rankings over a multitude of search engines and follow a variety of search results. From popular options (Google, Yahoo or Bing) to Mobile or Videos, AWR Cloud can help you monitor your best performing content.

Also, the wizard makes it hard for you to miss out on one of our best search engine features yet: localization. Adding a custom location to your Google search engines, down to street level, makes is possible to track location-aware rankings for your local clients, worldwide. Awesome, right?

On top of that, thanks to a real-time calculator, you can precisely see how many resources a project will use, and adjust the chosen update frequency, search depth, search engines and keywords right then and there.

Start to finish, the new project wizard gives you all the information you need. From keyword suggestions to extended search engine options and down to resource usage estimate, it’s all here, in a single, straightforward view.

2. Website list: your home view gets a makeover

I know that we’ve been playing around a lot with this view recently! In an effort to give you the most useful information at your fingertips, the home screen of AWR Cloud gets upgraded one more time, and this one is here to stay!

The previous card view has been retired, and two list views are now available, in comfortable and compact modes. While they work on most screen resolutions, the comfortable one is designed with mobile users in mind. This way, you can access your rankings from any device and take your data to go!

Both views have all the functionality previously available in the list view: you can access a website’s settings, or manage your projects – filter, tag or delete the selected items.

Home View AWR Cloud

3. Quick reports: Introducing Social reports and an updated Keyword Groups report

Time for some new features! Since we know you love social media, it’s time to present your clients with some smooth reports, showcasing their current social presence.

A lot of our users requested the ability to export the social metrics gathered by AWR Cloud. Starting with this application release, for both your Twitter and Facebook accounts, the new social quick reports from AWR Cloud will list your followers, posts and engagement trends, ready for you to analyze and plan your next strategy.

4. Rankings Overview: Relevant keyword metrics have been added

When we upgraded the original website dashboard a few months back, we felt that some useful stats were left behind.

So this time around, the Keywords Overview tab brings back relevant keyword metrics, so you can assess your keywords’ standing in search results in one quick look.

From this report, you can access keywords based on their rankings, analyze overall keyword distribution by position or by page for each project and catch a trend of your website’s performance in SERPs.

Ranking Distribution AWR Cloud

5. UI reports: data filtering made easy

UI data filtering for search engines, keywords or competitor selection has been redesigned to a more streamlined display. We now use conjunctions to display the data you want to analyze, making it easier to select just the items you want. If you want to email this filtered data, the Quick Report option is available in most views!

Filter Rankings AWR Cloud

6. Website and Keyword Ranking get upgraded

Quite a few items have been upgraded in these two views! The main item added in the Keyword Ranking menu is now a quick link between the ranking position we’re getting for you and the actual search engine result page.

In addition to this, keyword and competitor colors are now displayed as colored border layouts, perfect for a more modern look.

In an effort to accommodate older projects with extensive historical data, charts with more than 40 updates now have a scrollbar so you can easily navigate through the entire chart range, and quick reports will reflect your custom time range.

SERPs in AWR Cloud

7. Website settings: Understanding aliases and editing project inputs

The former alias textbox has been expanded into a section on its own, allowing users to set up their website alias in a more comprehensive way. You can now specify for each alias the type (Entire website, root domain, subdomain or URL), or add custom aliases. By default, AWR Cloud will track all your pages – so there’s no need to change the settings unless you want to focus on some very specific URLs.

AWR Cloud will match both your website and all its aliases when it gathers search engine rankings, so no rankings are lost or ignored by our system.

Website Alias in AWR Cloud

This is not the only change made under the Website settings menu. The various settings pages now make managing keywords, search engines and competitors much easier. Just select the items you want to update and you get access to the Manage options, where you can tag, add or remove items as needed.

And if you’re ever in doubt, special video tutorials have been added throughout the application, giving you complete guides to specific features or settings.

Website Settings in AWR Cloud

I think this covers pretty much everything new that was added this time around! How do you feel about our latest changes? Drop me a line below to share your feedback and questions!

Author: Ade Vitan

Ade Vitan is managing the Quality Assurance team at Advanced Web Ranking. She would love it if you'd get in touch with her over Twitterfor a chat about the industry’s latest trends.

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