Can Anyone Guarantee SEO Services?

Ah! I got your attention didn’t I? The classic “I will guarantee SEO” never fails to amaze me. Guaranteeing SEO services is just plain wrong. I am almost inclined to say “shame on you”.

Funny 8 out of 10 SEO companies guarantee SEO services and the 2 that don’t will yield better results than the rest. Are you one of the 8 SEO companies that will still argue that you can guarantee your work?

Guarantee SEO

We all know the SEO and web design industry is pretty much saturated to the point where picking out the ones that will perform is really hard to do for a business.

Remember, they don’t have the time and the resources to research 10 companies and pick the best one. People are busy and it really falls on us to promote ourselves. SEOs and SEO communities have an obligation on educating potential clients of what it is we do.

This article could be something a business owner reads to decide whether or not they hire an SEO company/specialist because they are looking into a guarantee that was made. I wonder what their decision will be when they finish?

Reason Why You Can’t Guarantee SEO Services

It’s actually very simple. NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE RANKINGS ON GOOGLE. You can find this on Google general guidelines from Webmaster Tools.

Webmaster Tools Help

You should actually read the whole thing. Its just one page and simple research into what a client should expect and ask for with any SEO specialist or agency. Anyone saying or flashing guarantees when it comes to ranking on Google should raise a huge red flag.

Yes, SEO services are not cheap but if you consider the man-hours, data collection, implementation and reform, you’re looking at a lot of work. Remember, we have to update our skills on a daily basis when most jobs don’t change for years.

The more clear and concise information we have the more credible we will look in the eyes of any business. Of course, we have to hear them out first before we start blabbing about Google algorithms, SERP, content marketing strategies or reputation management. You have to go over everything in its most basic form and NO BUZZWORDS. In fact, each client should have a zapper and if you say something that they don’t understand, they should zap the heck out of you.

See Google is really secretive. They do give hints here and there but they leave the rest up to you. Here are some factors Google takes into consideration when ranking a site:

  • Quality of content
  • Quality of inbound/outbound links
  • Speed of website
  • Clean easily read code
  • Relevancy etc

And since they keep updating their algorithm, ranking really becomes a challenge. A lot of agencies do constant testing and determine some proven ways to improve rankings. With some solid work, we can have our own ways of getting results as well. I really do prefer sharing it though. I am no good at secrets!

So Where Do We Go From Here?

Well, for one thing, don’t guarantee SEO services. You’ll look really bad when your clients aren’t getting the results you promised. And you can really get in trouble if they decide to sue. Honesty and transparency does go a long way. It’ll show when client retention stays high and new accounts are referrals. You should also have a task list in the agreement so your client knows exactly what they are getting. What good is a house without windows?

We’re dealing with a new industry that’s not fully known. If business owners are committing thousands of dollars into SEO or SEM, we better have something for them, which will make them understand what it is we’re providing them. In fact, you should have some articles ready for your client’s just in case they ask questions. I know I have parts of Google Webmaster Tools guidelines saved. Would you buy a car without looking under the hood? They’re trying to do the same with you.

SEOs don’t own Google, Bing or Yahoo. No one can guarantee rankings folks! No one.

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Author: Puya Turkiyan

Puya Turkiyan is a  web marketing specialist providing SEO Services helping various companies around the lower mainland in beautiful British Columbia.

4 thoughts on “Can Anyone Guarantee SEO Services?”

  1. You are right actually. No one can guarantee for ranking because its all about seo techniques. There might be compititors who have better strategy to rank then the next day you will be out rank but i believe that you have give guarantee of your work that will be done. You can guarantee for quality of work and white hat techniques which will not harm the brand of the clients.

    1. Exactly, this is why I mention give them a list of what you will do. Show your clients if you have too. The more information they have, the better.

    1. Nothing is really 100% actually. Since Google is a third party, no one can guarantee that either. Its like me saying you’ll get a great car every time from that dealership. Simply not true!

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