Safe blog backup

What is a blogger’s worst nightmare?

After countless hours of work, your blog is gone in an instant. Your web host could experience a server failure, or your domain registration could expire. You might delete the blog by accident, or do so on purpose but regret it later. You could be hacked or God forbid, falsely reported for a terms of service violation.

With all of these risks, backing up your blog has become an essential precaution that you too need to take.

So, if you haven’t already set up a backup system for your blog, here are six practical tools you can use to safeguard your work.

1. Export from Blogger or WordPress

If you your blog runs on Blogger or WordPress, you can use the built-in exporting tools.

Both services allow you to export your blog to an .xml file and store it on your hard drive for free. Restoring the content or migration to another blog is also possible through the available Import feature, that is just as easy to use.

If you use WordPress, these options appear in the Tools menu on your dashboard; Blogger’s export tool is listed under Settings – Other.

Wordpress blog export tool
Blogger blog export tool

Although both WordPress and Blogger are quick and super easy to use, they don’t provide with too many additional options for the exporting tool.

2. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

If you have a Dropbox account and a WordPress blog, WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a free plugin that will automatically save your blog to your Dropbox folder. It allows you to schedule the back up of your blog to be made automatically and select the files and directories you wish to store safely in your Dropbox folder.

Export blog to Dropbox wordpress plugin

The plugin uses OAuth technology, so no passwords or personal information are stored within the plugin.

3. VaultPress

If you’re looking for a secure, comprehensive blog backup, and you’re willing to spend a little money, VaultPress is a plugin providing features that free tools can’t.

Vaultpress blog backup tool

VaultPress backs up your blog and comments in real time, and it communicates every action with a dashboard widget. It also scans your blog for security threats and repairs them if possible.

A VaultPress Basic plan costs $15 per month and goes up to $350 for the Enterprise plan.

4. phpMyAdmin

A powerful tool that allows you to directly manipulate the MySQL databases that store and format your blog content, phpMyAdmin is an excellent option for advanced users. Many web hosts come with phpMyAdmin installed, but if yours doesn’t, you can download the program for free.

Php-myadmin blog backup tool

phpMyAdmin’s export tab allows you to fine-tune your export options more precisely than any other method. However, the program is not that user-friendly as the others, and less experienced users need to be careful not to disastrously edit their database code.

5. BackupBuddy

Developers and businesses that run multiple or large blogs should also consider BackupBuddy, a versatile and secure tool for exporting, restoring, and moving blogs.

BackupBuddy is a paid service – a personal license is $75 per year – but its flexibility and speed justify the cost.

Backup Buddy

BackupBuddy will export to your email, your desktop or to storage sites like Dropbox and Rackspace. On top of that, unlike most other services, BackupBuddy also exports images, plugins, and themes as well as text.

6. BlogBackupr

BlogBackupr is a free, web-based back-up service. It collects data from your blog’s RSS feed, so it works with any blog, and it performs automatic updates daily.

Blog Backupr

BlogBackupr is considerably less customizable than other services, but it’s simple and effective.

And more…

This list contains just a few of the tools available online for backing up blog content, meaning that is far from being as useful as it could be for those in need.

So if you can share your experiences with these tools or even better recommend other similar tools, you would bring an immense contribution to it and I’d deeply thank you for that! 🙂

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