We love listening to our customers and we are eager to find out how they interact with with our website and our products. That is why we set-up an online survey to help us achieve that.

The 4Q Online Survey allow us to understand the purpose of your visit, whether or not you completed your task for that visit and how satisfied you are with the information found on our website.

Here are the main metrics that help us measure your interaction with our website:

Purpose of visit

The purpose of visit allows us discover and measure the main reasons why you visited our website and helps us improve and make more visible for you the sections you need. Here are the main reasons of visiting AdvancedWebRanking.com:

  • Download the software
  • Learn about products
  • Contact customer service
  • Find solution to a problem
  • Place an order

Task completion

Task completion measures whether you found the information you were looking for when you decided to visit our website. It is very important for us to know you can find the information you are looking for and this is why we want to keep task completion at the highest level possible.

Visitor’s satisfaction

Visitor’s satisfaction is our number one priority here at Caphyon and we want to know how satisfied you are with our products and how useful the information found on our website is for you.

Concluding I would like to thank you for helping us improving our website and thus our product by participating to our survey.


The 4Q Online Survey is a collaboration between iPerceptions and Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour A Day.

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