Now that 2016 is behind us, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what has been an amazing year for Advanced Web Ranking, and most importantly, for our customers.

I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished this past year, and I look forward to all the exciting things that we are going to build for you in 2017.

Following is a quick recap of what we’ve been up to this year. Also, you may want to check out this overview of the AWR Stats in 2016.

A quick look back

Developer API v2

We’ve released a new version of our popular AWR Cloud API, with some new exciting features. Among them, was the highly requested ability to get information from Google Search Console. The visibility metrics are also present in the API, and most importantly, you now have the ability to push on-demand updates from the API. Have fun!

AMP results tracking

AWR Cloud now provides support for tracking AMP pages that appear in the special carousel from Google Mobile search. This is a trending topic, so make sure you read more about it on our blog.

Improved database performance

2016 brought some important improvements to our backend database storage. We’re now using scalable deployments with read replicas that have more than doubled the speed of retrieving the data. We have also improved the access to some of our larger Enterprise accounts to accommodate big keyword sets and custom locations.

New AWR website

We enhanced the speed and accessibility of the website. Both our website and blog are now running on https and have mobile versions for improved accessibility.

Update enhancements

We added support for bulk on-demand updates so you can update your ranking data more easily. For those of you who are interested in even fresher data, we added the ability to re-scrape the keywords on demand.

This was probably one of the most requested features that we delivered in 2016. You now have the ability to share your ranking dashboards and reports with your clients via a private link, accessible at any time and from any location, without the need to log in.

Wattspeed Chrome Extension

For those of you who like Chrome (we do too) we built a free extension that gives you a quick overview of technical information about a web page.

Industry Studies

We’ve always been excited to dig up data that leads to interesting and useful studies. Many of you have probably enjoyed the Google Organic CTR Study, but what you probably didn’t know is that it’s updated with fresh data every month.

Recently, we’ve been playing with a data set of over 8 million pages from Google top twenty results, trying to figure out what HTML features web sites are using nowadays. So for those of you that are in pursuit of better semantics and better accessibility, we built a new study this year called The Average Web Page. Enjoy!

SEO Agencies

And since we’re constantly receiving numerous requests for SEO services, we decided to put together this awesome list of SEO agencies from around the world. Hope you find what you need!

Amazing Customer Support

Last but not least, in 2016, we’ve exchanged over 42,000 chats and 37,000 emails with our customers, while maintaining an average customer satisfaction rate of over 89% and a net promoter score of 73%.

What’s coming up for 2017

Rank Tracking

This year we are going back to the roots and will focus on AWR’s core business, which is Rank Tracking. Everything we do will be centered around it. We will also add support for tracking new types of results and more options when it comes to search depth.

User Interface

Most of the things we do stem from listening to our customers and deciding how to solve their problems. Different people have different needs however, and trying to solve these requests all at once sometimes leads to a user interface that is crowded and no longer user friendly. We are going to address the issue this year and simplify the User Interface so you can do the things you need faster and easier.

Printable Reports

One of the most important aspects for you, our customers, is to prove the value of your SEO services to your clients. That is why reporting is oftentimes crucial to your business. In 2017 we want to refresh the reports you send to your clients by giving you the flexibility to highlight the amazing service you provide. Stay tuned!

SEO Industry Survey

We’re currently working on gathering data from many others like you in the SEO industry, and bring it all together in an insightful and actionable study. With it, we hope to catch a glimpse of the successful trends that will shape how we do SEO in 2017.

I’m very excited for all the things coming up in 2017 and looking forward to another year of bringing the most valuable SEO data at your fingertips. Thank you for making 2016 one of the best years so far!

    1. Thanks for asking about that, Jeff.

      All we need to get you listed is a bit of information about your agency. We haven’t made public the submission form for this list because we want to make sure all agencies that are listed are verified by our staff.

      Please give us a heads up that you’re interested to this email address – editor [at] advancedwebranking [dot] com – and we’ll send you the link to get started.

      We look forward to your email, thanks!

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