Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development. 

One of the key elements in growing your business and increasing sales is to spend most of your time and efforts focusing on customer relationships. It is a fact that the best customers are repeat customers. They pay you more than one-and-done purchasers, and keeping them happy is less expensive than bringing in new prospects.

As an SEO consultant or agency, building strong connections with your clients is based on treating them like strategic partners, and showing that you are truly interested in their business. The experience you offer when they interact with you is essential. After all, your reputation, as an SEO, will only be as good as the customer experience you provide.

With the release of the new 8.6 version, Advanced Web Ranking brings a new weapon in your seo software arsenal, that helps you take a hands-on approach with your customers. This is achieved with a complete, interactive SEO report that your clients can easily browse on their computers or by connecting directly to your website.

Long, fussy printable reports are history

Imagine the surprise! Seeing this month’s report changing views as per real time selections? I bet your clients will find this totally unexpected 🙂

Analyzing details through discovery and experimentation, and not by being told, increases the value of the information by far.

The complete SEO report provides your clients with a complete overview of their analytics, ranking and linking data, and the ability to control each view. Browsing through different sections, they have the chance to see and compare:

  1. Their website’s position for the targeted keywords and the visibility they have across search engines;
  2. The number of visitors, the traffic sources and the revenue per keyword defined in Google Analytics;
  3. Complete link building profiles and key metrics for their domains and their competition.

It’s like navigating through a web-based seo software. Actually, the only difference between the Advanced Web Ranking SEO report and a real web-based software is that here, users don’t get to add new keywords or search engines to their projects. Only you can do this, in the application.

How to create the Complete SEO Report in AWR

Now that you’ve seen what the SEO report can do, let me show you how you can create one of these goodies and impress your customers.

First, you need to set up a report template in Advanced Web Ranking, that includes the websites, keywords and search engines, as well as the preferences of the actual report file which you will further send to your customers.

To do this, click on the [Reports] left menu and select the [New report] option. In the newly opened wizard, simply select the [SEO Report] from the first drop down box, and then just click on the [Create] button.

Easy, right?

By default, the report template will contain all the websites, keywords and search engines available in your AWR project. If you are happy with this, then you’re done with the “creating” part. But, if you want to further refine the report and select only certain keywords or search engines, you can do this in the [Output and layout options] – [Report inputs] section of the template.

Here, in the Dashboard metrics section, you can also select the ranking, analytics and links metric that you want to show in the chart of the SEO report Dashboard.

To see how the report will look like, click on the top [Preview] button.

The complete SEO reports that you will generate and send to your customers from this template will be in HTML format and contain the analytics, ranking and link metrics related to the options and preferences you selected.

How to set the Complete SEO Report on auto pilot

Automatic generation of the SEO reports can be achieved through a scheduled task set in Advanced Web Ranking. Further, there are two methods that you can use to make the SEO report available automatically to your customers:

  1. Upload them on your FTP site, so your customers can connect on a user/password basis and access the reports.
  2. Send the reports to your customers by email, so they can see the files locally in their browser.

To obtain this, you just need to make the related adjustments in the Complete SEO Report template that you have created. You can set your emailing and FTP upload preferences in the [Send report by email] and [Upload report to FTP server] sections.

This way, when the SEO report is generated automatically from the application, through the scheduled task you defined, it will also be sent to the recipients you have chosen.

To see the Complete SEO report in action, you can take advantage of the Advanced Web Ranking 30 days free trial.


The SEO services market feels crowded more and more these days. With a competition so high, telling your customers you increased their rankings by 4 positions in the last two weeks is definitely not enough. To keep them happy, you need to always find new ways to improve your service.

Integrating a hands-on approach in your strategy will offer your customers an amazing interactive experience, that will make you different from your competition.  It’s like telling them to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the search engine optimization process for their own business.

I am looking forward to reading your stories on the hands-on experience you shared with your clients, in the section below.

  1. I’ve played for half an hour with this and I’m really getting the hang of it. This is amazing I’ve seen web apps that dont show what your report does. Nice one!

  2. I’ll be updating when I get into the office today, great stuff ya’ll and keep the blog posts coming. The most recent updates have more features than I know what to do with frankly 🙂

  3. Wow! The new Complete SEO Report is beautiful and will make my already busy work life so much easier!

    Back when I was deciding on the SEO software I kept going back and forth on a 2-3 options. So glad I stuck with AWR – the constant updates are amazing. Keep it up!

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