Set Your Keyword Rankings on Autopilot

Note: This article contains references to Advanced Web Ranking Desktop, a version that is no longer under active development.

This blog post comes as an answer to the many requests we had from our customers to support them in order to achieve completely automated report generation.

My colleagues from our support team, very often receive questions about whether it is possible to schedule Advanced Web Ranking to do all the rank checking, report generation and sending through email without any intervention, other than the initial setup.

This means that people want to have their data reports delivered without going back in the application and requesting on and on for the information.

Well, now I’m sad… I guess they don’t like using Advanced Web Ranking all that much since they want to see it as less as possible…

I was just kidding!

It is natural to want to get the best results with minimum effort.

Set up the autopilot…

YES. It is possible to use Advanced Web Ranking just once, and have all the reports you need, updated and sent by email to you, your clients or whoever you wish to.

But before laying down all the steps you must do to set up Advanced Web Ranking for this task, let me point out a few other great things you can do:

  • whether you have more than one project built in Advanced Web Ranking, you can set it up the autopilot, just once, for all your projects. Thus you can manage with the same ease any amount of work you have to do.
  • you are not limited to just a few reports. You can request all the reports your heart desires (literally you can have them) no matter how many, because again, you will build the templates as you want them, once, and then you can make them applicable to all projects.
  • you set the report generation to be made as often as you want. Advanced Web Ranking doesn’t bother you at all with its updates as it starts and runs them alone, by schedule. So you won’t even have to remember they exist.

So, bottom line: make a wish list, and Advanced Web Ranking will make it happen!

…and check your email to view the reports

Just follow these steps:

Now, let’s begin with the steps (I won’t insist too much on the simple tasks but rather on the specific things you should do to make the process automatic) :

1. First you have to set up the reports you wish to be generated and later, sent by email (from the [Reports] menu -> [New Report]).

At this step, there is just one thing you must set up differently than regular, so the reports are send by email to you or your clients at generation:  in the [Send report by email] settings section check the [Send report by email] check box.

If you haven’t set up your email account data before, at this step you are going to be asked to do it in order to proceed.

I’ll remind you that if you want the report template to be available for multiple projects, you must enable the [Make report available in all projects (global template)] check-box from the [Report Settings] section.

2. The second step is to set up the scheduler.

Between two consequent updates, all reports generated would present the data gathered at the last update. Therefore, in order to contain new data, the report generation must be bound together with  a project update.

This means that first, you must schedule the update. From [Scheduled Tasks] menu -> [New] -> [Schedule update], select the projects you are referring to, specify the periodicity of the updates and select the reports you wish to generate along with the update.

At this moment make sure the [Selected reports] option is chosen from the [Select the reports you wish to generate] to be able to select the desired reports.

3. Guess what? You’re done! You can now close the application and wait for your reports to be delivered to you by the schedule you have defined. Advanced Web Ranking will start automatically when the updates are scheduled, will run them and send you the reports you’ve requested. You don’t have to do anything else, but to keep your computer on during the update.

Now, tell me! What would you need for Advanced Web Ranking to do to ease your work? Go ahead, imagine the impossible and share your desires with us!

As usual the comments section awaits you or make it quick on Twitter.

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Author: Dana Loiz

Dana Loiz is an Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon. She is passionate about her job and always in a mood to chat about SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media. She tweets the news at @awebranking and @dana_loiz.

7 thoughts on “Set Your Keyword Rankings on Autopilot”

  1. Hi Dana,
    Nice article, however there’s ONE little thing you guys need to figure out how to do: automatic update without having to have the computer ON.

    I know, probably impossible with a computer software but imagine that there are times when you cannot have the computer on (for whatever reasons) – but, at the end of the month you have to send your client a rapport with how he ranked for the past 30 days – and if you couldn’t open your computer for a single day/or more you’re not in a happy position.

    Probably the solution here would be a web app that can run things you schedule when you close the browser…

    What do you think?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Alex!

    The only solution for completely automate this process is indeed with a web based application. A solution that will require a monthly subscription and that will be soon available for Advanced Web Ranking.

    You will hear from us, as soon as we have a solution for you.


    1. Please dont do this. If you convert a monthly subscription you are following the same path other competitors choose and the reason most people use this is because they want to have it locally on their computers.

      The answer to the person that said I want to send reports without having to have the computer on is very simple. A server. Install the software on a server and leave it on 24/7, or you can build this in the server edition, or make a small report send that people can install on any hosting or VPS account so the reports get stored there and it then sends on a schedule. I would prefer 10 times to pay an extra module to send reports that I can run on my own server then having to pay a monthly subscription because or privacy policies, security and quality or our SLA services. If you have a web app for subscription don’t leave out bigger to medium companies that want or need to host their own report sender.

  3. Hey Dana..

    Nice article! I am very much pleased with the way AWR can automate the updating and reporting task. However, I have a question! Is there any way I can produce all the reports (Competition report, keyword rank report.. etc..) in a single excel spreadsheet? I want each sheet in the spreadsheet to hold a specific report. This way I can send across a single file to my clients that holds all type of reports inside it.

  4. Hello Binod,

    I’m glad you enjoy using AWR and that you find it useful.
    Unfortunately your request is not yet possible in the current version of AWR but there are future development plans including this option.

    In the meantime, instead of sending multiple standard reports to your clients, why not build and send to them, a custom report, containing all the data your clients need?


  5. Thank you Diana for daring forward in the automation niche. my question is this: is my internet connection and browser have to be on 24 hours for me to get the reports every day for 30 days? do let me know when the automated web based version is available. do you have have an affiliate marketing system with any of the leading networks?

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