The Human Guide to Link Building

There are a plethora of link building articles out there. Most of them are written by qualified professionals and provide excellent tips on how to create a link building strategy, earn links naturally, and how to find the best targets. But one thing I don’t see often is a link building post written from a … Continue reading "The Human Guide to Link Building"

Dear SEOs: Quit Complaining, Start Marketing

Dear SEO Community, It’s time to “man (and woman) up”. It’s time to pull up our boot straps and get to working hard like they did in the old days. The days of griping about every single time Google makes a change and “ruins the lives of small business owners everywhere” need to end. It’s … Continue reading "Dear SEOs: Quit Complaining, Start Marketing"

What Google Hummingbird Is And Is Not

When Google announced at it’s 15th birthday party that a new search algorithm called Hummingbird had launched about a month prior, many people within the search industry scratched their heads trying to figure out exactly what Google was talking about. Clearly this was significantly different than past updates considering the ”update” went largely unnoticed by … Continue reading "What Google Hummingbird Is And Is Not"