New in AWR: Organic CTR Report

As probably most of you already know, back in may 2014 we released a standalone free CTR tool. A few months later, based on these gathered stats, we conducted a study to find out how many clicks each SERP gets. Fuelled by the success this topic received, we integrated the “Google Organic Click Through Rates” … Continue reading "New in AWR: Organic CTR Report"

5 Tips for Setting AWR Cloud on Autopilot

At the end of each year, we’re running a customer satisfaction survey and whether our users work in an SEO agency or are responsible for generating more traffic for their company’s website, they all have one thing in common: SEOs are extremely busy people. On-page, off-page, monitoring, reporting, you name it – these are all … Continue reading "5 Tips for Setting AWR Cloud on Autopilot"

How to Configure AWR Cloud for eCommerce Sites

We’ve repeatedly been asked by our users doing SEO for eCommerce websites which would be the best way to configure their AWR Cloud accounts. And tracking the rankings progress for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of items from different product categories might get overwhelming at some point. Each product belongs to a category within … Continue reading "How to Configure AWR Cloud for eCommerce Sites"

How to Track Local Results with AWR Cloud

Today we’re gonna talk about a feature that’s been one of AWR Cloud‘s strengths since the very beginning, but maybe not all of you are aware of. Since the early days of AWR Desktop (which is no longer under active development), we knew that search will, at some point, become more focused on local searches. … Continue reading "How to Track Local Results with AWR Cloud"

The Evolution of SEO in the Age of Google

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we reviewed how SEO for Google evolved over the years and we prepared a funny story about this. You can click on the social buttons at the end of each era to amuse your friends with funny messages. Enjoy! 🙂 Prehistoric Age (1998-2004): How was SEO back then? At … Continue reading "The Evolution of SEO in the Age of Google"