CTR Stats – Changes Report for August

For the first time this year, the CTR values can be considered quite steady at a global level. Branded or unbranded queries, 1 or more than 4 word keywords, you name it, there were no significant spikes in CTR when comparing August against the July values.  With almost no exception. That one exception refers to … Continue reading "CTR Stats – Changes Report for August"

CTR Stats – Changes Report for July

Quite an eventful July from a Google CTR stats perspective, especially for the searches made from mobile devices. More specifically, both branded and unbranded results were affected, 1 to 3 word queries, the searches that have location and commercial intent, as well as some specific industries in particular. So let’s have a look at what … Continue reading "CTR Stats – Changes Report for July"

CTR Stats – Changes Report for June

The latest CTR data pulled from millions of keywords in June shows some interesting insights on how the organic traffic is being distributed among the top positions. These fluctuations affected branded searches, 2-word queries, informational and location intent queries and, as usual, some industries. Here’s how the interpretation of these trends look like when comparing … Continue reading "CTR Stats – Changes Report for June"

CTR Stats – Changes Report for May

Following our latest CTR database update, the clickthrough rate evolution was quite steady as opposed to other months comparison. The changes affected some search intent queries and a bit more than a handful of industries. So here’s how the CTR values are shaping up when comparing May against April update: On search intent Websites ranked … Continue reading "CTR Stats – Changes Report for May"

CTR Stats – Changes Report for April

Compared to March, there are quite some interesting April clickthrough rate variations registered by our CTR tool. These changes impact top ranking websites’ CTR on all searches and we’ll drill down on the most affected queries, such as un-branded, long tail, specific intent queries and some industry specific ones. Here’s how each of the above … Continue reading "CTR Stats – Changes Report for April"

CTR Stats – Changes Report for March

March data is now available and there are some quite interesting facts on the CTR evolution when comparing the values with the ones retrieved in February. The changes affect 1 word keywords SERPs, location and commercial intent queries, as well as, of course, some specific industries. So let’s have a closer look at each category’s … Continue reading "CTR Stats – Changes Report for March"

CTR Stats – Changes Report for February

We’ve been tracking CTR evolution for about half a decade now, and since we’re updating the values each month, we figured it’d be useful to also draw some brief conclusions for you, one month to another. Whether your clients’ websites are from an industry affected by these CTR changes or perhaps you’re seeing traffic spikes … Continue reading "CTR Stats – Changes Report for February"

New in AWR: Organic CTR Report

As probably most of you already know, back in may 2014 we released a standalone free CTR tool. A few months later, based on these gathered stats, we conducted a study to find out how many clicks each SERP gets. Fuelled by the success this topic received, we integrated the “Google Organic Click Through Rates” … Continue reading "New in AWR: Organic CTR Report"

5 Tips for Setting AWR Cloud on Autopilot

At the end of each year, we’re running a customer satisfaction survey and whether our users work in an SEO agency or are responsible for generating more traffic for their company’s website, they all have one thing in common: SEOs are extremely busy people. On-page, off-page, monitoring, reporting, you name it – these are all … Continue reading "5 Tips for Setting AWR Cloud on Autopilot"