8 Instagram Tools to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Recording 700 million monthly active users, can you imagine the chances of reaching and targeting the right audience on Instagram?

Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, H&M are among the top leading eCommerce brands rated by the number of Instagram followers as of May 2017.

With one million active monthly advertisers, have you adopted Instagram for your product/brand promotion?

Using hashtags (#) and posting quality content about your products/services is a must, but are you getting satisfactory results from each of your Instagram marketing campaigns?

Here are some of the best Instagram tools for your eCommerce business growth:

1. Crowdfire – Make your posts available to potential followers

How does it work?

Crowdfire will give you a chance to filter your followers and ensure your product information is always sent to those who are interested in staying updated with your product and services.

Key features of Crowdfire: 

– Connects and analyses your Instagram accounts

– Identifies people who unfollow your brand and adds them to the blacklist (to avoid accidental following)

– Identifies people who follow you and add them to the whitelist (to avoid accidental unfollowing)

How does it help?

It’s good to increase the number of followers for your Instagram business account; however, not making your posts available to the correct followers will simply waste your time and efforts.

Crowdfire will provide you statistics about people who are interested in your products and services and ensures you make the best optimization out of each Instagram promotional post and video you create.

2. Enlight Photofox – Allow your post to stand out from the crowd

How does it work?

Enlight Photofox will give you access to a range of filters and a full suite of editing tools to make your products look more useful to potential audiences.

Key features of Enlight Photofox:

– Allows you to edit individual layers

– Erase and blur items from the background

– Offer dynamic opacity controller

– Flip layers vertically and horizontally

– Fill layers with colors, patterns and more

How does it help?

Selling products online doesn’t allow people to feel or touch your products, therefore the images you offer in your Instagram posts will determine the engagement for your products.

Enlight Photofox can eliminate some of the dependency on costly designers and allow you create artistic photos for your products and encourage people to engage further with your brand.

3. Like2Buy – Offer functional posts

How does it work?

Like2Buy helps eCommerce owners make their Instagram feeds shoppable by creating a separate web page featuring a list of their products and services.

Key features of Like2Buy:

– Allows a link in your bio

– Link in the caption

– Lookalike audience advanced ad targeting

– Email collection

How does it help?

With hundreds and thousands of products and services same as yours, it can be very difficult to make your products visible in front of potential target audiences.

Like2Buy is a popular Instagram tool for eCommerce brands that will automatically improve your chances of reaching audiences who have already shown interest in purchasing products and services like yours and won’t mind engaging further with their favorite products online.

4. Follow Adder – Enhance your loyalty programs

How does it work?

Follow Adder is an automated targeting tool that allows marketers to identify potential followers and automate promotional activities to keep them updated with the latest products and offers that they wouldn’t want to miss.

Key features of Follow Adder:

– Follow/unfollow Instagram users

– Automated photo-liker

– Automated direct messages

– Automated list creation

– Automated posts

How does it help?

Email marketing is surely helping eCommerce owners to run cost-effective promotional programs; however, targeting online shoppers with the same content for all will make it difficult and take longer to generate expected sales results.

Follow Adder will eliminate the need of manual efforts and automatically display your loyalty programs to the correct audience with time.

5. Tagboard – Improve your social media feed

How does it work? 

The name itself can give you a hint! Tagboard, an extension available for Google Chrome, Hootsuite, and mobile apps will allow you to create your tagboard by:

  • Creating a “hashtag feed” and a “tagboard name” where you would like to collect content into the latest tab of your tagboard.
  • You can also provide a description of what social media topics you would like to add to your dashboard.

Key features of Tagboard:

– Produce stories

– Pull relevant content related to your hashtag feeds and descriptions

– Select engaging display themes

How does it help?

Instagram #hashtags can help eCommerce business owners make their products and services visible in front of a new audience which uses the same hashtags – but do they always lead to a potential audience?

Tagboard will provide you with a single dashboard to analyze your competitors as well as their followers’ ever-changing hashtag strategy and implement them in your promotional tactics across multiple social networking accounts to improve engagement for future products posts you share online.

6. Schedugr.am – Automate your posts to maintain consistency

How does it work?

Schedugr.am is considered the most powerful tool for small businesses and Instagram marketer to pre-schedule posts in bulk and automate publishing during the best hours to connect and receive highest responses for all your Instagram posts.

Key features of Schedugram:

– Bulk upload scheduler

– Photo editing and filter application

– Multiple Instagram account management

– Multiple scheduling options

How does it help?

Offering content and information about your brand and products is a must to stay visible. However, if you’re unable to focus on a consistent strategy may not attract new audiences, or even discourage your existing followers from sticking with your brand.

Schedugram will automate your posts scheduling as per your eCommerce business requirements, which means you can pre-schedule multiple posts and organize your Instagram post publishing with an improved consistency.

7. Facebook Power Editor – Make the best out of your sponsored posts

How does it work?

Instagram uses Facebook Power Editor to target sponsored ads based on factors that include age, gender, location, habits, and interests.

Key features of Facebook Power Editor:

– Multiple ad management

– Filter application

– Ad performance report

– Import/export list

– Add custom tags

How does it help?

Sponsored ads are helping eCommerce marketers with an ability to ensure their ads are targeted to the correct audience and pay a specific fee for each click they get on their ads.

Facebook Power Editor will automate and easily manage your multiple Instagram ad targeting posts in few clicks.  You can run sponsored ads with a competitive budget every day.

8. Iconosquare – Keep an eye on your competitors

How does it work?

Iconosquare, formerly known as Statigram, is a popular statistics tracking tool for Instagram accounts. This means it provides detailed reports based on important factors that include location, likes, hashtags, and engagement details of your Instagram followers.

Key features of Iconosquare:

– Audience behavior

– Audience engagement

– Search engine optimization

– Comment tracker

– Influencer search

How does it help?

With the increase in number of followers and likes for your eCommerce Instagram account, you may think your posts are performing well, but how do you optimize your posts for improved results?

Iconosquare will provide you with the opportunity to get comprehensive analytics to track and measure your Instagram posts, videos and also track your competitors’ posting habits, history, and hashtags that generate more followers.

Over to you

These are some of the popular tools that will help you organize your eCommerce presence on Instagram and open the door for multiple opportunities in future.

What is your favorite Instagram tool and why?

Share your views in the comment section below to help marketers integrate them in their Instagram promotional strategies and settle with those that continuously boost sales for their eCommerce business.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of Caphyon, its staff, or its partners.

Author: Anil Parmar

Anil Parmar is the co-founder of Glorywebs, a full-service digital marketing agency aiming to help clients with services like web design, web development, digital marketing and more. Themes & plugins we develop have a common # 1 goal: Keep it as simple as possible for technical as well as non-tech geeks. Follow him on Twitter @abparmar99 & say Hi!

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  1. Thanks for the useful tools! I’m a fan of Iconosquare 🙂
    I would add one more tool for Instagram that can help your business – Snoopreport https://snoopreport.com as it tracks Instagram user actions as likes, comments and follows. It will help to research user insights and update a marketing strategy.

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