Advanced Web Ranking has been at the core of my rankings data collection process for a very long time. The reason why I use it / recommend it, is because it’s the best!

Richard Baxter - Founder, Builtvisible

AWR is a top notch product used by many of the members here at SeoBook, including myself. As a full-featured SEO software, it's at the top of my list.

Aaron Wall - Founder, SEO Book.com

Well I am happy to say that I am won over by your software. It is absolutely phenomenal and is priced such that it's affordable not just for SEOs but also for the small business owner who's trying to "go it alone" in optimizing their own sites. It provides a large number of advantages over WebPosition Gold including some fantastic customizable reports that are head-and-shoulders above those WP offers.

Dave Davies - CEO, Beanstalk Inc.

The Ranking software that Advanced web ranking supply has enabled us to track 1000s of phrases every day in a controlled stable software environment, enabling us to collate large amounts of data to track successes for clients. The software also enables us to track changes to Google's algorithms across industries as they happen, which is a powerful tool for us to react to an ever changing environment.

Ian Lloyd - SEO Team Manager, Web Marketing Group

Advanced Web Ranking continues to be the industry standard SEO performance tracking. Their toolset goes far beyond simple rank tracking, integrating site performance and social media. That integration, plus their customizable reports and networking capabilities, makes AWR one of my favorite analytics tools.

Ian Lurie - Founder & CEO, Portent Interactive

We've been using your product for quite some time and are extremely pleased with it. We are particularly impressed with the frequency of new releases and positive changes these new releases incorporate. This is by far the best search engine ranking product on the market!

Jarret J. Austin - Co-Founder, Nautalex

I've used AWR obsessively now for years, simply put: the best rank tracking software by miles. Nothing else comes close.

Martin MacDonald - Head of SEO , Orbitz

Advanced Web Ranking is the most advanced ranking report software on the market. Having been a strong player in the search market for nearly 10 years we have bought and tested nearly every program on the market. AWR is the fastest, most accurate and flexible tool we've found. We use it almost exclusively for our client roster of over 300. I highly recommend AWR, they have a great product and excellent customer service.

Joe Griffin - Co-Founder, iAcquire

Our company is truly multinational with operations and local language sites in over 40 countries. Advanced Web Ranking lets me track our positioning on local versions of all engines, giving me a much more accurate measure of our positioning in each market. This software is a necessity for anyone working on multinational site. And if that weren't enough, the support team is astoundingly responsive. They often answer questions faster than my own colleagues!

Kate Bell - SEO Manager, EF Education First

Advanced Web Ranking is our primary tool used to track keyphrase rankings across multiple websites (projects) and report those rankings weekly to our clients automatically. This tool is a timesaver and a valuable tool in our SEO arsenal.

Kevin Eichelberger - Founder & CEO, Blue Acor

My company purchased AWR as an end user over 1 year ago and it has been an invaluable tool to monitor and track our performance on all major search engines. Your product has been so effective that we now rank in the top 5 on over 100 search terms. This has resulted n more than 3x growth in traffic. This has lead to a corresponding more than 3x growth in sales volume, which makes the AWR product the best ROI that we have made in this field. Congratulations to you and your team for this excellent product and the excellent ongoing support. Please feel free to let any of your perspective clients contact me directly anytime to discuss your products.

Mark Siegel - Managing Director, Golfasian

We started using Advanced Web Rankings just over a year ago, after previously trying out lots of other providers. We would definitely recommend using Advanced Web Rankings as it's reliable, it allows you to run reports whenever you need them, it provides lots of customization options and it's able to deal with large projects.

Paul Rogers - Senior Online Marketing Strategist, MageSEO

With an easy, intuitive user interface and offering reliable results, Advanced Web Ranking is the best rank tracking software I've ever used.

Wiep Knol - Co-founder, Linkbuilding.nl

We are in the Search Marketing industry since 1997 and so far we have tested almost all the ranking software out there, till we met Advanced Web Ranking by Caphyon. It has everything that a professional search engine marketer needs to do its job in a professional way and it's constantly improving. These guys have really done a great job. In other words, if you want to work as a search engine optimizer or as a search engine marketer, AWR is your friend.

Simone Paganini - Owner, DiPiEmme Studio

Congratulations on a GREAT product - it's so incredibly straight-forward, useful and powerful. This is hands down the best SEO ranking software available. It has given our SEO services a new edge - our customers love the ranking reports!

Talita Kindermann - Production Manager, Kintek

I have to tell you guys how pleased I am with your software. The Rank Evolution report makes it easy to see trends and listing changes I might otherwise have missed. Simply put, your software helps me do my job better. It stands head and shoulders above Web Position Gold, and you can quote me on that.

Tom Dahm - President, BridgePose

There are hundreds of rank checking software packages available, but AWR gives you what you need. I've used it myself for years, and they continue to improve the functionality year after year.

Todd Malicoat, Stuntdubl

Your software is incredible!! I have been marketing websites for most of 10 years and in that time, I have used a lot of different programs but yours by far out performs the competition. I started using Advanced Web Ranking about 6 months ago after I found out that the previous and supposed “top rated” reporting software was not actually doing algorithm updates like they claimed. Well, I donÂ’t have to worry about that with yours, I am notified every time an update happens – what a blessing that is. Thank you for such a great keyword reporting / search engine analysis tool – it sure makes my life easier!

Trevor Walter - CEO, Freelance Marketing Group

Search engine optimization is a service that most of the consumers don't understand. They believe it's a dark science, but as a matter of fact it is not. It a job like any other where a good dose of preparation, passion and understanding are required to make sure the necessary changes can be done in order to make a site more prominent and relevant to both consumers and search engines. Also, SEO requires good tools. I've been working with Advanced Web Ranking since 2002, pretty much when I commenced offering SEO to my customers, and I immediately saw its potentiality. The tool evolved over the course of the years, offering new functionalities at each single release. Although it's not perfect, it's still one of the best desktop based software I can recommend.

Andrea Moro - Growth Hacker, andreamoro.co.uk

It is rare to find ranking software that works consistently and most importantly, accurately reports rankings. We've used Advanced Web Ranking for over 100+ active client projects and continue to use it on a daily basis. The search engine analysis features and integration with toolsets such as SEOmoz and Google Analytics are a huge bonus feature, expanding the use of Advanced Web Ranking well beyond rank tracking and reporting. Highly recommended.

Dev Basu - President, Powered by Search

Just wanted to say thanks heaps for the most recent updates to AWR's functionality. We have been using Advanced Web Rankings Pro and Enterprise Editions since 2005 and all our Business Analysts use your software every day. No other product out there that we have trialed (and we have tried them all) has been as solid, intuitive and well maintained as Advanced Web Rankings. Keep those updates coming!

Keith Paulin - Group General Manager, SEO Works

For us it's impossible to control all our client's rankings without Advanced Web Ranking. We value the continuous improvements in new and better versions, the fresh search engine database, as well as the schedules options and export capabilities. Not to mention the integration with Google Analytics, SEOmoz and social networks, all with a fast and agile high level support. Good job guys.

Guillermo Vilarroig - CEO, Overalia

AWR is the most user-friendly and accurate ranking software we've ever used. The software is robust and reliable and has run without fail the past 3 years we've been using it. The constant updates, support and ease of integration with our internal systems and CRM put it head and shoulders above the rest.

Matthew Forzan - Director of SEO, E-Web Marketing

As an SEO specialist with 10 years experience, I'm glad to say that I have been extremely pleased with Advanced Web Ranking ever since I started using it 5 years ago, back in 2008. In fact, this service reached perfection in every way! The detailed reports provided by Advanced Web Ranking are simply perfect, easy to understand and to analyze. Therefore Advanced Web Ranking is my ideal SEO software for tracking my position on the web and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to facilitate his life. You will not regret it!

Eric Vialette - SEO, Webmarketing

After over 12 years of doing SEO work, I'm always on the look out for software that can make my job easier and streamline tasks. At my current position I was lucky enough to get access to Advanced Web Ranking software. The amount of time it has saved me is priceless. I've only scratched the surface by using the search engine rankings checking module, but I am extremely impressed with this software so far. It's definitely well thought out software that has been perfected over the years. Highly recommended!

Jeremy Biberdorf - SEO Manager, Structured Settlements LLC

Being in a very competitive industry it is crucial to have a rank tracking tool that is easy to use and most of all reliable. After a thorough testing period we decided to go with the AWR Cloud online rank tracker because of these reasons. Another big advantage of this tool is the AMAZING support that are both fast and very accurate in the answers. Highly recommended to any SEO in need of a user friendly and reliable tool with great support.

Johan Sundblom - SEO Manager, CherryCasino

Having used Advanced Web Ranking for years, I couldn't imagine working without it. In the age of (not provided), keyword rankings are a key piece of data that can help track results at the micro level. If you are looking for a tool to track keyword rankings, then I would always recommend Advanced Web Ranking for the flexibility and accuracy it brings. When working with multinational clients, the ability to be able to track local rankings is essential, Advanced Web Ranking is unrivalled in this area and allows you to see the data you need. In addition, the support received from staff is exceptional and always very helpful. Advanced Web Ranking is always our go-to tool for accurately tracking keyword rankings.

Michael Cropper - Founder & Managing Director, Contrado Digital

Advanced Web Ranking was an absolutely invaluable tool that helped ensure we did not lose any ranking during our recent website migration. Going forward, it helps us keep a close eye on how our rankings are maintained or improved as we continue to build out our new site.

Valerie Mohler - Operations & Customer Support, DiscountFilterStore.com

Advanced Web Ranking has been one of my staple tools for several years, and not just for web rankings. The ability to research, pull, and append keyword data en masse is pretty spectacular as well. It's a very thought out, powerful SEO tool for lovers of SERP-related data.

Bill Sebald - Founder, Greenlane Search Marketing

Advanced Web Ranking is by far the best ranking software, nothing else comes close. I have used to AWR software since version 3.8 and it just keeps getting better and better. When operating in small Scandinavian markets like Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, Advanced Web Ranking out-performs any other ranking tool. Data is stored locally - no third party sharing. AWR support is out-standing and fast! I am confident that we'll be using the tool for many years to come.

Jonas Aagreen - Senior SEO Manager, Resolution Denmark

We have tried and tested many different ranking tools in the market and I am very impressed with the Cloud version of Advanced Web Ranking. It's intuitive, easy to use, and gives our team access to reliable results across many different local markets. A must for any SEO professional.

Bob Samii - Group Director Inbound Marketing, eDreams Odigeo

Tracking clients' keywords in the SERPS is an important part of any SEO's job. We needed a solution which would allow us to not only track multiple keywords but monitor progress and automatically present this information to our clients in a way which was easy for them to understand. We chose AWR Cloud as it allows us to manage an unlimited number of website projects and keywords, aside from rank tracking features they also offer branding options so we can customise reports to display our own company domain and logos. AWR Cloud has become a vital asset to our business.

Mike Roberts - Proprietor / Team Leader, GetOnIt

As an SEO Consultant I have tried and tested many tools but there is no comparison to AWR. The amount of time it has saved me and my clients so far is priceless. Ranking accuracy, customisation of reports, clean and user-friendly interface. Highly recommended tool if you are looking to save time and focus on other aspect of business.

Ebrar Khan - SEO Consultant, SEO Surgeon

We needed a heavy duty rank tracking tool. After a lot of research we chose AWR Cloud because it just works easily, is reliable, has solid reporting at a sensible price. In my opinion it's the best rank tracking tool on the market.

Nick Garner - CEO, 90 Digital

Just want to say what a brilliant product you've created in AWR Cloud. We're really happy with it, as well your proactive approach towards upgrades, improvements and customer service, so thank you!

Christian Goodrich - Senior Front-End Developer & SEO, SOZO Design Ltd

AWR Cloud is an essential part of our toolbox when it comes to monthly reports - streamlining an otherwise manual task and giving accurate results when we need them. There's also a wealth of other data easily accessible in the cloud which means you can happily access it during a client meeting when you're away from your desk.

Adrian Willings - Online Marketing Executive, Coast Digital

AWR has been a pivotal part of our reporting relationship with our clients for more than 2 years now. They have exceeded our expectations in the quality of product, as well as their customer service. Any time we have had an issue they have dealt with it vigilantly and professionally. We would highly recommend them to any agency in the Digital sector.

Lee Thomas - Digital Marketing Manager, Ardent Creative

AWR Cloud is an important part of our daily work. With AWR Cloud we have found a software, which allows us to safely generate and deliver the reports to our customers. The software also makes it possible to customize the reports individually and quickly.

Sven Behring - Content and Link Development SEO Manager, Second Elements

AWR Cloud is the most important of all the SEO tools that we use and we don't know what we'd do without it. Looking after dozens of SEO accounts, we are able to get a full overview of how our clients are performing and can access the data very easily. The service is very reasonably priced, simple to use and I love being able to send reports to our clients on a daily basis.

Daniel Tannenbaum - Head of SEO, Tudor Lodge Consultants

During the past years, the only tool I have used for every SEO project is Advanced Web Ranking. Due to the ability to scale to 10.000 of keywords a day in multiple search engines and specific languages or devices, this is a one-of-a-kind product. It gives me the flexibility and consistent data quality I need to do my job for a broad range of international clients. If I want proper data, this is the tool I go with.

Jan-Willem Bobbink - Founder, Notprovided.eu

Having tried other tools in the past, we decided to test AWR's desktop version and loved it. Around 18 months ago and migrated to the Cloud version as our team and client list grew. A simple user interface with more advanced options if we need them and 24/7 access from any web browser. All of this combined with the ability to whitelabel means we can offer this to our clients as well, saving us a lot of time and effort every week as they can view and export their own data whenever they like. It really is a must-have application for any serious agency and well worth the money.

Chris Ashton - SEO Manager, Kymodo
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