Topic: Does anyone have a problem with the user/automatic update?

So my computer has a administrator and another account. Do I really need to be on adminstrator to run automatic updates? I tried and I set the program to run just a few minutes later to see if it would update automatically and the computer did nothing. It didnt even sound like it was thinking.

Can someone explain to me more detail on how to use this or what windows account to use??

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Re: Does anyone have a problem with the user/automatic update?

Hi daniel,

You don't need to be an administrator to run automatic updates.

The automatic updates (scheduled updates) runs in the background. The program does not have to be open. When you define an automatic update in AWR, a Windows task is created. When the time comes for this task to be executed, it launches a command:
"C:\Program Files\Caphyon\Advanced Web Ranking\AdvancedWebRanking.exe" -nosplash -update "oxygen_"
This command launches the program in the background. You can see it running using the Task Manger (Ctrl+Alt+Delete). Also the "Status" column in the Scheduler Tasks view will show "running".

If a project has already been updated on the current date, the scheduler update will start, see that the update is complete and exit immediately.

If you want to test an automatic update, create a test project, and schedule it to run in a few minutes. Then check if the Windows scheduled task is created, and if when the time comes, the AdvancedWebRanking is running in the background.

Please test an automatic update following the previous specified steps and tell me if something goes wrong. If something goes wrong, please go to Task Manager application, Advanced -> View Log menu and tell me what the content of this log is. Also, please send me an error report from AWR (from the menu Help -> Report Error...).

Please tell me if it works.

Best regards,


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Posted 9 years ago

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