Topic: more feedback/info on completion time from progress bar

I am just trying out the demo so far but I like what I see.

One suggestion:

If it would be easy to include a percentage of how much of the ranking is completed, that would be nice.

For example, instead of just "Gathering data from search engines..." it would be nice if it said "70% complete" and then incremented upward.

Or if that is too hard it would be nice if there were some type of markings on the progress bar at the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of completed instead of just blue bars that fill in.

Or if all the bar segments were gray to start with and then filled in with blue, I could at least easily count, how many bars I had left to fill in instead of guessing, and/or having to put my mouse pointer on the bar to gauge progress.



Posted 11 years ago

Re: more feedback/info on completion time from progress bar

We have plans for including a progress dialog/tab that will make things a lot easier, as far as knowing what's going on and when it will finish.

Thanks for your input though.

Philip Petrescu
Advanced Web Ranking Team Leader

Posted 11 years ago

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