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my web statistics tells me which engines I'm getting what search phrase traffic from.

wouldn't it be far easier a load on the search engines if I were only querying each engine for those phrases I know that I've placed? keeping in mind that 'easier on the engines' has to translate to less chance of getting blocked by an engine for over-analysing postion. which in turn should lead to better overall relations between the engines and the analysts, no?

a real win-win-win.

anyway, there doesn't seem to be a way to instruct AWR (on the fly) to check 'this phrase list' on 'this engine', or some such approach that could send the application out on these micro-missions.

this would allow us all to be better engine citizens and reduce the time and cost of producing our deliverables, which is more profit for less work, and happier clients sooner, and...

my $0.25 CDN.

- Wolfman

Posted 10 years ago

Re: micro missions

How about saving those phrases in a text file and then importing them into AWR from the Keywords tab of the Project Settings?

Would that solve your problem?

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Philip Petrescu
Advanced Web Ranking Team Leader

Posted 10 years ago

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